Guatemala – the New World Hotspot for Billfish

Ask anybody who’s been there and they’ll tell they’ve never seen as many billfish as they have seen of the Pacific Coast of this quite country. A trip to Guatemala is like taking a journey back in time, when the fishing was epic and the road was less traveled. While some of the old hot spots simply aren’t what they used to be, Guatemala is thriving from a lack of fishing pressure and an unbelievable billfish population. Many of the world’s top billfishermen have discovered Guatemala. As Marlin Magazine wrote in a recent article, “It’s no big secret that the captains and mates in Guatemala see more billfish than anywhere else in the world.”

Summer Fishing in Guatemala – 15% DISCOUNT

An Often Overlooked Opportunity

As Summer approaches we realize many anglers focus on freshwater destinations – places like Alaska, Canada, and The American West. But don’t forget about us in Guatemala and the fishery we can offer you. Summer fishing in Guatemala is excellent. The last few Summers we have averaged 6 – 10 sailfish releases per day along with high numbers of dorado and yellowfin tuna. To boat over 20+ fish a day when mixing in all the species is not uncommon. Not uncommon at all!

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