MARCH 14 – 23

Patrick, John, Pat and Andrew Silvernail arrived for 3 days fishing.  On Sirena they raised 58 sailfish, had 42 bites, released 15 conventional and 11 on fly! 

Don Phillips and Steve Guenther arrived for 5 days fishing on Gypsy.  They raised 91 sailfish, had 69 bites and released 49. They also caught 4 dorado.

Rudi Dueck, Wiens Andreas, Dyck Nikolaus, Luft Wassili, Duck Eduard, Fedeiau Ianssa, Uettiev Rudolf, Richert Waldemar, Ebert Waldemar, Thiessen Wilhelm, Kuhn Waldemar, Neufeld Eduard, Duck Mana, Pries Viktor, Dimmel Eugen, Hertel Mano, Beiker Viktor, and Ulassen Waldemar from Germany returned for the 2nd time to fish with us.

In 2 days fishing on Knotwork, Tranquility, Danmark and Sirena they raised 105 sailfish, had 78 bites and released 56. They also caught several dorado.

About Pacific Fins

Pacific Fins Resort  is Guatemala Fishing at its best. Our boutique hotel with private villas and suites is located in the world’s most productive billfishing destination. We offer all-inclusive fishing packages with a la carte dining, open bar, and custom, personalized service. Our setting on the water and attention to detail is unmatched in Guatemala.

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