April 10 – 19

Alexey Bozuk, Konstatin Grishin, Andrey Motaylenko, Alexsandr Guliaev, Andrey Kalayda and Sergei Vitkin arrived from Russia for 5 days fishing.  On Gypsy, Maverick and Canaso 2 they raised 271 sailfish, had 191 bites, released 110 conventional and 8 on fly!  They also caught 18 yellowfin tuna and 7 dorado.

Jim Bishop arrived for his 2nd trip in 5 months!  Joining him were Mike Molina and Aubrey Robertson.  Fishing on Sirena for 2 days they raised 65 sailfish, had 56 bites and released 47.

Dylan & Garrett Schopper arrived for 3 days fishing on Maverick.  They raised 71 sailfish, had 64 bites and released 48.  3 of those 48 were 10 lb juveniles which was very interesting.  They also caught 1 Striped marlin, 2 dorado, and 1 yellowfin.  Total mixed bag.

The Diego Pulido group fished with us one day on Sirena.  They raised 7 sailfish, had 6 bites and released 6.

Keith Hopkins returned for the 2nd time.  Joining him were Bill Geary, Jeff Jones, Kevin Morgan, Marcus Sullivan and John Wiley.  Fishing 2 boats on Day 1 and a big boat on Day 2 they raised 73 sailfish, had 65 bites and released 39.

The guys from Alliance One fished 1 day and hit them big time.  Fishing on Sirena they raised 60 sailfish, had 52 bites and released 46!

Guatemala Invitational

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