April / May – 2015

Guy Brown visited us for the 3rd year in a row. This was a very special trip because he brought his¬†father Sam and a friend Mike McDaniel. Look at their 3 days fishing. Guy is also returning in The Fall to take advantage of our “Guaranteed Marlin Promo.”

May 2nd: 59 sailfish raises, 53 bites and 32 releases. Raised 1 Blue marlin.

May 3rd: 56 sailfish raises, 52 bites, 35 releases on light tackle and 3 on FLY!!
(Guy’s Dad Sam also landed his¬†1st sailfish on fly).

May 4th: 30 sailfish raises, 27 bites and 22 releases.

Totals: 145 sailfish raised, 132 bites and 89 releases + 3 on Fly.

James Patmore and Sean Cooper also visited Pacific Fins, May 1 – 3. In 3 days fishing they raised 107 sailfish, had 87 bites and released 56! They also landed 3 sailfish on FLY and 1 Blue marlin.

John and Jen Gianopulos arrived for 3 days fishing with their 6 year-old fishing son Benjamin. On Gypsy they raised 66 sailfish, had 47 bites and released 31.

Greg Wagner returned for the 3rd time. Joining him on this trip was his top-notch fishing guide from Canada, Jeff Traversy. Fishing 3 days on Maverick they raised 40 sailfish, had 30 bites and released 24. They also caught 4 dorado.

Bob Marcantel returned again to fish with us and joined by Marvin Lyons and Joel Fontenot.  Fishing 3 days on Gypsy they raised 57 sailfish, had 41 bites and released 28.

Francis Pandolphi, Davis Parr, Michael Adair and Robert Marshall arrived for 4 days fishing on Aguardiente.  They raised 65 sailfish, had 52 bites and released 28 conventional and 5 on fly.  They also caught 3 yellowfin tuna.

The guys from Alliance One fished 1 day on Allure and raised 45 sailfish, had 30 bites and released 18.  They also caught 2 dorado.

Two Father/Son teams arrived for 3 days fishing on Maverick.  Tim Williams/Tim Jr and Philip Canale/Philip Jr.  They raised 48 sailfish, had 44 bites and released 31.  They also caught 7 dorado and 3 yellowfin tuna.

A group of local clients fished on Mijo for 1 day and raised 30 sailfish, had 25 bites and released 14.  They also caught 2 dorado.

Richard Stuart, RP Stuart, Leon Thompson and Bryan Deweese arrived for 3 days fishing on Sirena.  They raised 35 sailfish, had 30 bites and released 22.  They also caught 6 dorado and raised 1 marlin.


About Pacific Fins

Pacific Fins Resort¬† is Guatemala Fishing at its best. Our boutique hotel with private villas and suites is located in the world’s most productive billfishing destination. We offer all-inclusive fishing packages with a la carte dining, open bar, and custom, personalized service. Our setting on the water and attention to detail is unmatched in Guatemala.

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