Dec 2015 – Report

It was a pleasure having April Vokey of FlyGal Ventures – Fly fishing guide, instructor, writer, speaker and TV show host of Shorelines – join us last week fly fishing for sailfish. She’s a world-class angler and such a pleasure to be around.  Her husband Charles joined her. On Day 1 on Maverick they raised 14, had 8 bites and released 3 on FLY.

The Erichsen Group fishing 1 day on Maverick raised 45 sailfish, had 37 bites and released 33.

Randulf Hansen, Vibeke Golden, Per-Chrishan Lillebo and Julie Kroepelian arrived for 3 days fishing on Aguardiente. In 3 days they raised 107 sailfish, had 94 bites and released 73.

Bob Nicholas returned to Pacific Fins and this time it was with his Grandsons Cole and Connor. In 3 days on Maverick they raised 52 sailfish, had 47 bites and released 31.

The Rodriguez group raised 4 sails, had 4 bites and released 3 on Maverick in 1 day. They also raised and released 1 Blue marlin and caught 3 yellowfin tuna.

Joe Noble, Cory Tibbs, Brian Bick, and Chris Nichols arrived for 3 days fishing on Danmark. They raised 46 sailfish, had 43 bites and released 32. They also raised 3 marlin.

Lecha Atiev, Sergey Devyatov, Liubov Zhukova arrived for 3 days fishing on Maverick. They raised 18 sailfish, had 15 bites and released 12.  They also raised 2 marlin, had 2 bites and released 1 Blue, caught 5 yellowfin tuna and 1 dorado.

Bob Clancy, Don Barber and Amos Renner arrived for 3 days fishing on Aguardiente.  They raised 139 sailfish, had 107 bites and released 78! They also raised 3 marlin with 1 bite.

Dan Erb and Barbara Wolfe arrived again for 3 days fishing on Maverick. In 3 days they raised 91 sailfish, had 78 bites and released 61. They also raised 2 marlin with 1 bite.

Stacey and Johnny Powers arrived again to fish on Sirena for 2 days. They raised 69 sailfish, had 50 bites and released 40. They also raised 2 marlin, had 2 bites and released 1.

Charlie Holderness, Matt Moore and Colin Newberry arrived for 1 day fishing on Aguardiente. They raised 8 sailfish, had 5 bites and released 5.  They also caught 2 nice Yellowfin tuna.

Ber Pieper Group cont’d – on Days 2 & 3 they raised 39 sailfish, had 24 bites and released 13 on FLY.  And on Day 1 (Nov 30) they raised 20, had 19 bites and released 15 conventional. They also raised 2 marlin, with 1 bite and released 1.

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