Fall Report

The Lee Group on Chechos and Maverick in 5 days raised 165 sailfish, had 96 bites and released 46 on FLY. They also raised 3 Blue marlin, had 1 bite and released on 1 on FLY!

The Caciedo Group on Maverick raised 16 sailfish, had 14 bites and released 8.

The Gradwohl Group on Captain Hook went raised 16 sailfish, had 16 and released 13. And 2-1-1 on Marlin. It was a 400 lb Blue.

The Toabe Group in 3 days fishing on Chechos raised 28 sailfish, had 20 bites and released 14.

The Davis Group on Chechos in 2 days raised 41 sailfish, had 39 bites and released 16.

The Moores Group on Maverick had 9 marlin raises, 6 bites and 5 releases! 4 Blues and 1 Black. And the best part is they started off fishing for sailfish! They went 13-10-7 on sails before they switched over to marlin.

Global Viajero Group raised 17 sailfish, had 16 bites and released 9 on Chechos.

The Blossman Group on Chechos in 3 days raised 49 sailfish, had 37 bites, released 19 conventional and 3 on FLY. They also  went 2-1-1 on Marlin.

The Ponce Group on Aguardiente raised 5 sailfish, had 4 bites and released 3. They raised 1 marlin, with 1 bite and released 1.

The Aquirre Group on Maverick went 20-18-15 on sailfish and 2-2-1 on Marlin.

The Garcia Group on Chechos in 3 days fishing raised 13 Marlin, had 10 bites and released 6! One 600 lb Black and one 500 lb. Blue. They also went 40-29-23 on sailfish and one nice 40 lb dorado.

The Ortiz Group on Chechos raised 13 sailfish, had 10 bites and released 7. They also went 1-1-1 on Marlin.

The Kenneth Group on Gypsy raised 19 sailfish, had 15 bites, and released 9.

A separate Garcia Group on Tranquility raised 13 sailfish, had 13 bites and released 7. They also went  3-2-2 on Marlin!

The Ambassador to Colombia raised 12 sailfish, had 10 bites and released 5.

The Nordic Group on Maverick raised 7 sailfish, had 7 bites and released 7.  They also went 1-1-1 on Marlin.

The Alvarado Group on Chechos raised 26 sailfish, had 20 bites and released 14.

The Hagebusch Group on Maverick in 2 days fishing raised 27 sailfish, had 21 bites and released 15.

The Mijangos Group on Chechos raised 4 sailfish, had 4 bites, released 4 and 3 dorado.

The Cifuentes Group on Maverick raised 15 sailfish, had 13 bites and released 10. They also went 2-1-1 on Marlin.

The Maga Group fishing on Chechos and Maverick raised 19 sailfish, had 18 bites and released 12.


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