Feb 2016 – Fishing Report

Geoff Begnaud, Paige Melancon, Keith Duplantis, Michael Moore, Richard Hargett, Lee Serrati, Michael Hamilton, James Edwards, Tory Gundersen and Travis Haskins arrived for 3 days fishing on Maverick, Sirena and Mijo.  They raised 375 sailfish, had 297 bites and released 219!!  They also raised 5 marlin, had 2 bites and released 1 + 6 yellowfin tuna.

Eric Dressler, Kevin Rowley, Stephen Smith and Walter Norman arrived for 3 days fishing. On Chechos they raised 152 sailfish, had 135 bites and released 73 conventional and 5 on FLY.

We were excited to welcome a group from SMITH Optics to Pacific Fins. SMITH chose Pacific Fins to shoot footage for their upcoming magazine ads, commercials and videos!! They also spent a day filming in Antigua absorbing the local culture and touring the jade museum, local ruins and more.  The group included Shon Lassiter, Ozzy Delgado, Mike Gleason, John Hechtkopf, Bryan Holeman and Tal Roberts.  In 3 days fishing on Chechos they raised 82 sailfish, had 75 bites and released 43 + 1 on fly.

Andrew Dupps arrived for the 2nd time.  He rewarded key employees Dennis Hensley, Tom Murray and Matthew Mannion with a trip to Pacific Fins. In 3 days fishing on Sirena they raised 82 sailfish, had 70 bites and released 50.

Bill Milligan, John Camp, Don Carpenter and Trace Devanny arrived for 3 days fishing on Maverick. They raised 82 sailfish, had 70 bites and released 52 + 3 dorado.

Don Phillips and Mary Sue Sanborn arrived for 3 days fishing on Sirena. They raised 100 sailfish, had 86 bites and released 97.

Steve Weaver and Brian Holtzinger returned for the 2nd time. Fishing on Maverick they raised 124 sailfish, had 106 bites, released 63 conventional and 8 on FLY!

Roland MacKenzie and Jim Forsythe returned for the 5th time. Fishing on Chechos for 3 days they raised 153 sailfish, had 132 bites and released 97! They also released 2 marlin, 1 Black that was 400 lbs.

Dr. Alberto Ramirez (Dad), Dr. Alberto Ramirez (Son), Edgar Stokes, Hector Reyes, Luis Gonzales, Manolo Chavez, Rafael Perez (Dad), Rafael Perez (Son) and Jorge Perez arrived for the 8th time.

The Ramirez Group 1 on Chechos in 3 days fishing raised 136 sailfish, had 119 bites and released 65.

The Ramirez Group 2 on Maverick in 3 days fishing raised 134 sailfish, had 117 bites and released 95.

The Perez Group on Canaso 2 in 3 days fishing raised 113 sailfish, had 100 bites and released 76.

The Portillo Group on Sirena in 3 days fishing raised 102 sailfish, had 80 bites and released 49 and 1 on FLY.

Tom Tomfohdre arrived for the 13th time. Joining Tom were Rick and Lynn Tomfohdre, Merry Harlacher, Richard Sauers, Larry Bentley and Judy McLaughlin. In 4 days fishing on Chechos and Maverick they raised 104 sailfish, had 82 bites and released 57. They also raised 6 marlin, had 2 bites and released 2 and caught 8 yellowfin.

The Font Group on Aguardiente in 1 day fishing raised 31 sailfish, had 17 bites, released 6 on light tackle and 1 on FLY.

The Paramo Group on Knotwork in 2 days fishing raised 44 sailfish, had 38 bites and released 27 conventional and caught 2 dorado.

John and Stacey Powers arrived for the 9th time. Fishing on Sirena for 3 days they raised 28 sailfish, had 24 bites and released 15. They also raised 3 marlin, had 3 bites and released 1 and caught 2 yellowfin tuna.

A Cold Front moved in and slowed the sailfishing down for about 7 days.

Patrice Garziglia, Maxime Garziglia and Fabbri Jardens arrived from France for 4 days fishing. On Aguardiente they raised 22 sailfish, had 19 bites and released 11. They also raised 22 roosterfish, hooked 14 and released 2.  And for additional variety they caught 4 Jacks, 2 dorado and 6 yellowfin tuna.

The Massarelli Brothers arrived. Joe, John and Mike. Joining them were Margie Massarelli and sons Mikey, Joseph and Jack.  Fishing 4 days – Chechos raised 22 sailfish, had 19 bites and released 14. Also raised 2 marlin and had 1 bite. And finally 1 dorado and 4 yellowfin. Canaso 2 raised 7 sailfish, had 6 bites and released 5.  Also raised 3 marlin, had 2 bites, released 1 Striped and 1 Blue. And finally 4 yellowfin.  Danmark raised 15 sailfish, had 14 bites and released 10 along with 6 yellowfin tuna.

The Elias Group from Puerto Rico on Maverick in 3 days fishing raised 8 sails, had 5 bites and released 3. They also raised 3 marlin, had 2 bites and released 2.

David Schofield arrived for the 2nd time in the last 3 years.  Joining David were Stacey Schofield, Michael Packwood and Patty Sholar. Fishing on Aguardiente for 2 days they raised 8 sailfish, had 7 bites and released 6.

John and Claudia Faris arrived for 3 days fishing on Maverick. They raised 19 sailfish, had 14 bites and released 12. They also raised 1 marlin and caught 1 dorado.

The Oscar group on Sirena raised 4 sails, had 4 bites and released 2 in 1 day fishing.

Chris Jones entertaining key clients arrived for the 4th year in row. Joining Chris were Jakob Anthony, Anders Jensen, Georgios Vourlidis, Jacob Christensen, Gregg Plunkett, Manny Zavlas, Court Smith, Daniel Mulligan, Mike Fogarty and Benjie Halsell. Fishing on Sirena, Chechos and Maverick for 2 days they raised 135 sailfish, had 112 bites, released 55 conventional and 8 on FLY. They also raised 4 marlin, had 3 bites, released 1 along with 2 dorado and 2 yellowfin tuna.

Stan Shoemaker on Maverick closed out his 2 days with 54 raises, 34 bites and 23 released on FLY!

Ansgar Hehenkamp in 3 days fishing on Aguardiente raised 111 sailfish, had 55 bites and released 24 on light tackle and 5 on FLY.

About Pacific Fins

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