February Fishing Report

The Morris Group visited for the 4th time. Fishing on Maverick in 2 days they raised 58 sailfish, had 51 bites and released 37. They also caught 1 500 lb. Blue marlin!

Fishing on Gypsy for 2 days they raised 51 sailfish, had 44 bites and released 29.

We’ve lost count how many times The Powers have fished with us. On Maverick in 3 days they raised 66 sailfish, had 56 bites, released 30 conventional and 1 on FLY. They also caught 19 dorado.

The Eakin Group returned for the 2nd time. Fishing on Gypsy for 5 days the raised 149 sailfish, had 129 bites and released 70.

The Patty Group returned for the 5th time. On Maverick in 3 days raised 98 sailfish, had 89 bites and released 52 + 6 dorado.

The Llacuna Group in 6 days fishing on Chechos raised 94 sailfish, had 45 bites, released 12 conventional and 6 on FLY + 4 dorado.

The Caplinger Group returned for their 3rd trip. Fishing on Knotwork for 3 days raised 73 sailfish, had 65 bites and released 47. Also caught 7 dorado.

The Davis Group on Chechos in 3 days raised 121 sailfish, had 90 bites and released 67 conventional + 2 on FLY + 7 dorado.

The Nicklas Group in 3 days fishing on Maverick raised 122 sailfish, had 111 bites and released 69. Plus 21 dorado and 8 yellowfin tuna.

The Moll Group on Gypsy raised 14 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 9. They also caught 3 dorado.

The Kern Group on Gypsy raised 52 sailfish, had 42 bites and released 25. Plus caught 2 dorado.

The Williams Group returned for the 2nd time. In 3 days fishing on Maverick raised 100 sailfish, had 88 bites and released 62. They also raised 2 marlin, had 1 bite and released 1 250 lb. Blue. Plus 11 dorado.

The Williams Group in 3 days fishing on Chechos raised 81 sailfish, had 68 bites and released 42. Also caught 19 dorado.

The Carlson Group on Gypsy in 3 days raised 37 sailfish, had 30 bites and released 23. Also caught 6 dorado.

The Massis Group on Gypsy in 1 day raised 2 sailfish, had 2 bites, released 2 and caught 15 dorado.

Moll Group in 1 day on Chechos raised 14 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 9. And 3 dorado.

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