How Do You Impress Key Clients?

The TaxSlayer group returned for the 7th time. This time they rented the entire Lodge for a week (Feb 26 – March 4) to entertain key clients and executives.

16 clients for the first part of the week. 8 new clients for the 2nd part.

TaxSlayer Group #1 fished 2 days on Gypsy, Maverick, Canaso 2 and Mijo. They raised 162 sailfish, had 130 bites and released 82.

One client, Richard Marshall stayed an additional 2 days to fly fish on Gypsy. He raised 44 sailfish, had 22 bites and released 10 on FLY! He also raised 5 marlin, but could not get them to take the fly.

TaxSlayer Group #2 arrived a day later and fished 2 days on Maverick, Gypsy and Mijo. They raised 141 sailfish, had 122 bites and released 91. They also raised 8 marlin, had 7 bites and released 4 Blues!!

All in all the owners of TaxSlayer got to witness as their key clients raised 303 sailfish, with 252 bites and 173 releases. With an added bonus of raising 13 marlin and releasing 4!  Numerous dorado and yellowfin tuna were also caught during the week.

Pacific Fins can help you do the same. Are you ready to impress?  1-888-700-3467

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