January 2015 – Guatemala Fishing Report

George Haskins arrived for the 3rd time.  Joining George were Al Seavey, Ray and Paul Gagnon. Fly fishing for sails for 3 days on Gypsy.  On day 1 and day 2 they raised 29 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 6 on fly.

Edwin Nuscher, Steve Davis, Thomas McBride, Schley Gordy Sr., Schley Gordy Jr., and Daniel Rupert arrived.  Fishing on Gypsy and Tranquility for 2 days they raised 31 sailfish, had 23 bites and released 12.  They also caught 3 dorado and 8 yellowfin tuna.

Bruno, Walter and Gustavo Orensztajn arrived for the 2nd time.  Fishing on Maverick for 3 days they raised 26 sailfish, had 24 bites and released 20.  They also caught 5 yellowfin tuna.

Johnny and Stacey Powers arrived for the 12th time.  Fishing on Gypsy for 3 days they raised 24 sailfish, had 23 bites and released 16.

Randy Lott returned for the 2nd year in a row and was joined by Michael Castle, Charles Dowling, and Tim Rose. Fishing on Allure for 2 days they raised 32 sailfish had 24 bites and released 20.

David Martin returned for the 8th time and was joined by Ron Woodruff. Fishing on Gypsy for 2 days they raised 33 sailfish, had 27 bites and released 19.

Josh Yellin and Molly Rosenblatt returned for the 2nd time. Fishing on Aguardiente for 2 days they raised 16 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 11. They also caught 2 dorado and 2 yellowin tuna.

Husband/Wife team of Bob and Terry Landis fished 2 days on Maverick and raised 13 sailfish, had 10 bites and released 10. They also caught 4 yellowfin tuna.

Niels Erichsen fishing 2 days in our Local Tournament raised 25 sailfish, had 18 bites and released 10 on Aguardiente.

Murat Iyriboz and his crew arrived from Turkey for the 4th straight year.  Joining Murat was Turgut Konukoglu, Gokhan Carmikli, Murat Arslan, Necmi Tufekci, Erkut Soyak, Can Ozer, Mehmet Cirpici and Semih Dinler.  They slammed the sails.  Fishing on Gypsy, Sirena, and Canaso 2 they raised 287 sailfish, had 242 bites and released 160.  They also raised 2 marlin, had 2 bites and released 1 Black at 300 lbs!  They lost count on all the dorado they caught as well.

Jim White returned for 5th year in a row with Brad Williams.  Fishing on Maverick for 3 days they raised 66 sailfish, had 56 bites and released 49.

Donna, Anthony and Mia Flaim joined us along with Jenny Zheng and Heather Privett. Fishing on Gypsy for 3 days they raised 56 sailfish, had 50 bites and released 44. They also raised 1 marlin, caught 5 dorado and 2 yellowfin tuna.

Outdoor writer Gary Kramer joined us again this year with Carl Rey.  While filming and shooting he raised 68 sailfish, had 31 bites and released 10 conventional and 4 on fly.

Congratulations are in order! Dr. Lee Smith and Dan Walden broke our Fly Fishing Record! On Saturday, Jan 3 they raised 49 sailfish, had 25 bites and released 21 on Fly aboard Maverick!!That eclipsed the previous mark set on Feb 7, 2004. All fish were cast to, fought, landed and released.

On Friday they released 12 on fly, Sunday 16 on fly and Monday 17! Good job guys. Wow!

Lee sums it up best:

“After my 7th straight year in Costa Rica fly fishing for sailfish I decided to give Guatemala a try. I booked for Jan 2013. In 6 days fly fishing at your Lodge I caught MORE sailfish on that ONE tripthen in Costa Rica for 7 years! I released 27 on fly.

I rebooked again for Jan 2014. I was thinking no way it could be better then the last trip. I was wrong. On this trip I released 15 sails on fly and a had a GRAND SLAM on Fly of a Blue marlin, Striped Marlin and sailfish on the same day.

I rebooked for Jan 2015. I thought once again – there is no chance it could possibly be better. Dead wrong again. My fishing partner Dan & I broke the Resort Record on Day #2 for most sailfish released on FLY in one day: 21! And the other 3 days were off the charts: Day 1: 12 on fly. Day 3: 16 on fly. Day 4: 17 on fly. All in all we raised 172 sailfish, had 90 bites and released 66 on fly! We also had 6 doubles where we landed 2 sails on fly at the same time.

I rebooked for Jan 2016 before I left the Resort. No way it can be better. Right?”

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