January Fishing Report

The White Group fishing on Maverick for 3 days raised had 297 sailfish raises, 236 bites and 161 releases.

The Daniels Group fishing 1 day on Chechos had  5 sailfish raises, 5 bites, 5 releases. 3 Blue marlin raises, 2 bites and 2 releases.

The Smith Group  FLY Fishing 4 days on Maverick had 95 sailfish raises, 39 bites and 18 releases on Fly.

The Payne Group fishing 1 day on Chechos had 24 sailfish raises, 20 bites and 15 releases.

The Ralda Group in 3 days fishing on Gypsy had  50 sailfish raises, 30 bites and 22 releases. They also raised 1 marlin.

The Lammens Group fishing 1 day on Chechos had 11 sailfish raises, 10 bites and 6 releases. 2 marlin raises, 1 bite and 1 release. They also caught 3 dorado.

The Clark Group FLY fishing 2 days on Maverick had 33 sailfish raises, 9 bites and 7 releases on Fly.

The McBrayer Group in 3 days fishing on Gypsy had 81 sailfish raises, 75 bites and 51 releases

In the 1 day January Tournament:  Chechos went 18-15-11 on sails, Maverick 33-18-15 and Aguardiente 20-18-6.

The Ockenfels Group fishing 1 day on Maverick had 15 sailfish raises, 13 bites and 10 releases.

The Christie Group in 4 days fishing on Maverick, Sirena, Chechos and Danmark:

Maverick: 116 sailfish raises, 91 bites and 51 releases.

Sirena: 125 sailfish raises, 106 bites and 69 releases. 6 marlin raises, 4 bites and 4 releases.

Danmark: 104 sailfish raises, 89 bites and 46 releases.

Chechos: 104 sailfish raises, 89 bites and 46 releases. 2 marlin raises, 2 bites and 2 releases.

The Powers Group fishing 3 days on Maverick had 47 sailfish raises, 39 bites and 26 releases.

The Libertopolis Group fishing 1 day on Gypsy raised 25 sailfish, had 21 bites and released 14.

Our friends at Grundens did a documentary highlighting the work of Niels Erichsen, owner of Pacific Fins Resort and The Sailfish Commission in Guatemala. This video will include footage of Niels receiving the award in Ft. Lauderdale, interviews with Rob Kramer, president of the IGFA, members of The Sailfish Commission and vice ministers in Guatemala.

Additional footage will include fishing off the coast of Guatemala from Pacific Fins, the preeminent luxury sport fishing lodge in the region. The film will serve as an educational and inspirational piece about how this innovative conservation model can be spread to other countries in Central America to protect fish stocks and boost tourism.

We look forward to sharing the finished product with you in Spring 2017!

In 3 days fishing while filming on Chechos they raised 25 sailfish, 20 bites and released 13. They also went 5-2-2 on Marlin with 1 Blue and 1 Stripe release.


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