March 2016 – Fishing Report

The Father and Sons team of Ricardo, Eduardo and Ricard Sola arrived from Ecuador for 3 days fishing on Chechos. They raised 214 sailfish, had 175 bites and released 95 on light tackle!

The Barillas Family fishing 1 day on Aguardiente raised 22 sailfish, had 16 bites and released 12.

Aggeo Ribeiro, Nelson Noquiera and Italo Gaetani arrived from Brazil for the 4th time. Fishing 3 days on Maverick they raised 95 sailfish, had 80 bites and released 61.

Greg Morris and Charles Pulley arrived for 2 days fishing on Maverick. They raised 149 sailfish, had 116 bites, released 84 conventional and 2 on FLY! They also raised 2 marlin and released 1.

Kurt & Ann Forsberg arrived from Sweden. Fishing 2 days on Sirena they raised 127 sailfish, had 101 bites and released 68. They also caught 1 Blue marlin.

Pat and John Silvernail and Michael Davis arrived for the 3rd year in a row. Fishing on Chechos for 3 days they raised 204 sailfish, had 162 bites, released 102 conventional and 5 on FLY!!

Jean-Marc Frey and Marc Cuevas arrived from France for 5 days fishing on Aguardiente. They raised 197 sailfish, had 91 bites and released 36 on FLY + 1 500 lb marlin!

Brad Courvelle arrived for 4th time. This time joined by his son Adam. In 2 days fishing on Maverick they raised 131 sailfish, had 103 bites and released 79. They also caught 1 Blue marlin.

The TaxSlayer Group arrived for the 8th time and the group consisted of Richard Marshall, Tony Farrell, Tommy Brumlow, Bill Fletcher, Joseph Gazzo, Chris Overton, Paul Schaller and Jamie Slatton.  In 3 days fishing on Sirena and Chechos they raised 234 sailfish, had 176 bites, released 107 conventional and 21 on FLY! They also raised 7 marlin, had 5 bites and released 2 Blues. One was 400 lbs!

Byrd Miller and his family of Byrd IV, Eliza and Cate arrived for the 5th time. Fishing on Maverick for 3 days they raised 174 sailfish, had 159 bites and released 108. They also raised 1 marlin and caught 3 yellowfin tuna.

The Stigliano Group arrived for the 4th time consisting of Rick, Randy Dean and Dick Stigliano, Gary Garrett, Gary Hanson, Perry Schweiss, Ed Yasechko, Bill Bianco and Sandy Naples. Fishing on Chechos, Maverick and Danmark in 3 days they raised 343 sailfish, had 249 bites, released 46 on FLY and 111 conventional! They also raised 7 marlin, had 2 bites and released 1 along with 3 yellowfin tuna.

The Ruano Group fishing on Tranquility for 1 day raised 41 sailfish, had 36 bites and released 21. They also raised 3 marlin, had 3 bites and released 1.

Todd Bazemore fishing on Aguardiente for 3 days raised 138 sailfish, had 103 bites and released 69 conventional + 6 on FLY. He also raised 1 marlin and caught 1 yellowfin.

George Hnat arrived for the 5th time with his group of Ed Scott, Richard Watkins, Kevin McClean and Andy McCoy. Fishing 3 days on Sirena they raised 148 sailfish, had 130 bites and released 116!
Brad & Liz Peters in 3 days on Sirena raised 90 sailfish, had 69 bites, released 41 conventional and 7 on Fly.

The Elias Group from Puerto Rico who visited for the 2nd time in 2 months raised 232 sailfish, had 214 bites and released 145! They also raised 3 marlin, had 2 bites and released 2 Blues!

Bill & Bill Buckley, a Father/Son Team who have visited 7 times raised 209 sailfish, had 178 bites and released 142 in 3 days on Maverick!

Cary & Julie Gosselin Group on Aguardiente in 3 days fishing raised 171 sailfish, had 137 bites and released 105.

Ben White’s group of 19 anglers spent his bachelor party fishing out of Pacific Fins. Ben was joined by Brian Cooney, John Rogers, Bj Jones, Trey Allen, Robert Paine, John Lairsen, Shawn Walker, Sean Casey, Barry Haydon, Reagan Smith, Matt Warren, Don Pendergras, Scott Bain, Hunter Jones, Gordon Muir, Zach Wassmuth, Christopher Thomposon and Brian Patek.  In 2 days fishing on Chechos, Sirena, Maverick and Danmark they raised 250 sailfish, had 201 bites and released 138 conventional, 2 on fly, 6 yellowfin and 1 marlin. They also caught 4 Roosterfish inshore.

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