Marlin Guarantee

We would not expect most anglers to know about the incredible marlin fishing in Guatemala. As a destination, Guatemala has mainly promoted it’s sailfishing for the last 20 years. And rightly so – it is the best in the world.

Over the last few seasons Pacific Fins has marketed our “Marlin Guarantee.” Florida Sport Fishing has written about it. The Angling Report has too. We took a big (perceived) risk the last few seasons by offering it.

Now with 2 seasons under our belt one thing is clear – We are performing and clients are getting their Marlin – the whole purpose of this promotion.

Our Marlin Guarantee takes place in the months of August, September and October. If we don’t perform it is a significant financial penalty to Pacific Fins.

Book our most popular package, 3 days fishing, 4 nights for Aug, Sept or Oct and we guarantee your boat will get at least 3 Marlin Bites on conventional tackle over the length of the trip!!

That’s right. 3 bites by the man in the Blue, Black or Striped suit over 3 days fishing! And if you don’t get 3 bites we are willing to do the following:

50% of the value of your trip will be put towards a future trip at Pacific Fins (and it is transferrable).

100% trip value! Your party comes back for a FREE 3 days fishing, 4 night trip.

If you want to FLY FISH we guarantee your boat will raise 6 Marlin over the course of the 3 days.

NOTE: For the Guarantee – you must actually fish for Marlin!

NOTE: This offer is for the intact group to return together. For example, if you have 4 anglers – it is NOT 4 individual trips.

If you WANT TO TARGET MARLIN think about visiting Pacific Fins in August, September or October. We believe it is the best time of year and we guarantee your results!

***To get additional information on the rules of this offer and to check availability:

Phone: 1-888-700-3467
Website: www.pacificfins.com.gt

Mailing Address:
Pacific Fins Resort & Marina
955 Pavilion St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

About Pacific Fins

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