A HOT January Bite

It’s been non-stop since the start of the new year. Back-to-back trade shows in Dallas and Nashville. Now… preparing for the Miami International Boat Show, February 14th through the 18th (Booth # MB5022).

January’s bite was as it was supposed to be this time of year, awesome! The sails came to play and so did a lot of the guests. With that many numbers around, many brought out the Fly rods.

We also had our share of blue marlin bites. Dorado keeps on being strong and yellowfin tuna was hit or miss.

January Fishing Report :
January 16th – 31st: Maverick – 204 sailfish raises, 188 bites and 128 releases. Dorados: 72. (14 days of fishing).
January 4th – 28th: Chechos – 482 sailfish raises, 406 bites and 260 releases (1 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 5 raises, 2 bites, 0 releases. Dorado: 114. (21 days of fishing).
January 2nd – 28th: Gypsy – 502 sailfish raises, 438 bites and 278 releases (15 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 3 raises, 1 bites and 0 releases. Dorado: 89. (19 days fishing)
January 2nd – 27th: Knotwork – 523 sailfish raises, 429 bites and 309 releases (2 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 2 raises, 1 bite and 1 release. Dorado: 31. (21 days of fishing).
January 5th – 20th: Sirena – 137 sailfish raises, 103 bites and 56 releases (12 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 1 raise, 0 bite and 0 release. Dorado: 13 (3 on FLY!). (9 Days of fishing).
January 12th – 15th: Mojo – 64 sailfish raises, 52 bites and 31 releases. Dorado: 10. (3 Days of fishing).
January 7th: Tranquility – 19 sailfish raises, 17 bites and 13 releases. Dorado: 3. (1 Day of fishing).
January 12th: Mijooo – 37 sailfish raises, 30 bites and 22 releases. Dorado: 2. (1 Day of fishing).

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