The Bite Continues to be Strong!

We left off last week with the fishing being RED HOT. The February bite continues to be steady and our guests are having a great time. 

Last week’s fishing report, the fishing grounds where between 20 to 30 miles offshore. This week… the fishing has been as close as 6 miles! Yes, close enough to take those Volcano backdrop shots.

Mercer Group: Fly fishing three days; aboard Chechos with Captain Carlos, raised 25 Sailfish, had 10 bites, and released 6. 

Birk Group: (Split Group) Fishing three days; aboard Gypsy with Captain Marcial, raised 66 Sailfish, had 56 bites, and released 39. Also, a Dorado for the grill. 

Birk Group: (Split Group) Fishing three days; aboard Maverick with Captain Jimmy, raised 44 Sailfish, had 37 bites, and released 30. Also, 2 Dorado for the grill.  

Fisk Group: (Split Group) Fishing two days; aboard Knotwork with Captain Caluco, raised 35 Sailfish, had 30 bites, and released 20. Also, 1 Dorado for the grill. 

Fisk Group: (Split Group) Fishing two days; aboard Gypsy with Captain Marcial, raised 63 Sailfish, had 55 bites, and released 44. Also, 3 Dorado for the grill. 

Erichsen Group: Fishing two days in a local tournament; aboard Maverick, raised 31 Sailfish, had 27 bites, and released 15. Also, 1 Striped Marlin release.

Hulin Group: (Split Group) Fishing three days; aboard Sirena with Captain Rosendo, raised 59 Sailfish, had 46 bites, and released 27. 

Hulin Group: (Split Group) Fishing three days; aboard Chechos, raised 89 Sailfish, had 76 bites, and released 57. Also, 3 Dorados, 1 Yellowfin Tuna, and 1 Black Marlin! estimated at 500lbs.

Pacific Fins Contributes to Scientific Work with University of Miami

During 20-24 April 2018, Pacific Fins organized the 3rd Annual Celebrity PRO-AM Fishing Tournament. As part of the tournament, Pacific Fins instituted an annual satellite tagging event to support the billfish research efforts of University of Miami researchers Dr. Nelson Ehrhardt, and Doctoral Candidates Bruce Pohlot and Julie Brown.

The research aims at understanding behavior of billfish subjected to catch-and-release with the purpose of improving recreational fish handling and revival before release. This research is critically important due to the very shallow depth of the minimum Dissolved Oxygen (DO2) layer compressing the billfish habitat off Guatemala. Billfish cannot maintain sufficient oxygen for survival below the minimum DO2 layer. Oceanographic data collected by the investigators during the time of the tournament shows that minimum DO2 for survivorship of billfish was less than 7 meters (21 ft) from the surface; therefore, it is intuitive that if released fish is not properly handled it may enter the low DO2 region before it can regain normal behavior and become available to recreational fishing.

In addition, the results of the research will measure the percent retention of the tagged fish by local coastal longliners that operate in the same area shared with the recreational fishing industry. Satellite tagged fish that escape handling mortality and longlining will explain the origin and destination of the billfish that are caught in this important tournament. Results of the April 2018 tagging event generated a large database that is still being analyzed and results will be presented at the next Celebrity PRO-AM Tournament in May 2019. Pacific Fins gratefully acknowledges the funding contributions to obtain the satellite tags, mostly provided by Tournament participants and Celebrities.

  Thanks to our guests for taking part of such an important study.

Baseball Hall of Famer, Wade Boggs to fish 4th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational

Little did people know… Hall of Famer, Wade Boggs is an avid angler. A 12-time All-Star third baseman, Boggs was with the Boston Red Sox from 1982 – 1992. Later in his career, he went on to win a Championship with the New York Yankees. – Yes folks… two teams that can’t see eye to eye.

We are so pumped and look forward seeing him take part of such a great event. Don’t be left out, call us today as reservations are limited.


George Gozdz, Host of Unfathomed Films at Pacific Fins

When Capt. George Gozdz, host of Unfathomed was looking for an appealing destination and a place with non-stop Billfish action, he looked no further than Guatemala.

“I just returned from a trip to Pacific Fins Resort in Guatemala and can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. The resort is outstanding with the friendliest staff, great accommodations, and delicious food and amazing drinks. Fishing is world class out of the resort. Hungry Pacific sailfish traveling in wolf packs allow for an incredible number of shots in a single day. In addition to the sails we also had multiple marlin opportunities as well. Almost a side note but a true treat for me was the yellowfin tuna and mahi that made there way into the spread each day. Once caught, the tuna and mahi are quickly prepared on the boat by the mates and lunch was a spread of mahi carpaccio and tuna sushi- no fresher fish could have been served.

Although I was there filming a fishing show, Guatemala honestly has so much more to offer than the fishery. We traveled to the foot of the volcano Fuego and witnessed first hand the devastation created when in erupted several months prior. Humbling to stand where so many had lost there lives. We also climbed to the summit of Pacaya and watched glowing red lava pour out of the peak as the sun set over the land. We toured coffee fields, visited ancient ruins in Antigua, walked the streets of small fishing villages, and even took in some night time entertainment at one of the local watering holes. The people of Guatemala were always kind and welcoming and at no time during my stay was my safety ever a concern.
I completed a bucket list item by catching my first Pacific sailfish on fly, but the blue marlin still eludes me. I was not too disappointed missing my blue marlin because I knew this gave me the excuse to return to Pacific Fins Resort sometime soon”. – Capt. George Gozdz.

Pacific Fins welcomes Ozzy Delgado to the team as our VP Sales & Marketing

Dear Pacific Fins Guest:

We take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering patronage over the years without which Pacific Fins Resort would not have been as successful as it is now. We are pleased to announce that Ozzy Delgado is Pacific Fins new VP Sales & Marketing.

Ozzy’s credibility and years in the industry will be beneficial for our company. He is no stranger to our resort and staff. He has been a great help in past events held at the resort and conservation initiatives. Mr. Delgado assumes the role of VP Sales & Marketing after previously working as Senior Marketing & Community Manager at Grundens USA. At Grundens, Ozzy was responsible for partnerships and presence at events, such as offshore fishing tournaments, consumer tradeshows, boat shows and head of the Ambassador team.

In addition to his professional experience, Mr. Delgado also worked for Mako Marine as Sales Manager and Guy Harvey Magazine as VP of Sales & Marketing.
We are all confident that Mr. Delgado will take on his new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and professionalism he has shown through the years.

Ozzy Delgado will be based out of Miami, Florida, and oversee all sales and marketing with our company, domestic and international.
Feel free to reach out to Ozzy via email at or call him directly at 888-431-5556. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have or talk fishing.

Best regards,
Niels Erichsen, Managing Partner

Part 2-Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller Presented by Salt Life on 9/16/2018

If you missed last Sundays episode on Discovery Channel, don’t despair.

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One episode is not enough to show what Pacific Fins has to offer.

Part 2 will be this Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 8:30 am on Discovery Channel.

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