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Central America Billfish Association Meeting (CABA)

The Central America Billfish Association (CABA) and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (U of Miami) held their Bi-Annual meeting with the main players of the Sportfishing Industry within Central America. Attending this meeting were the Lodge Owners, Marina Operators, Charter Fleet Managers and Tour Operators involved in Sportfishing.

Hosting this event were our good friends from Crocodile Bay Lodge in Costa Rica. Thanks for the hospitality!

Dr. Nelson Earhardt updated the group of entrepreneurs and scientists on the conservation efforts and results achieved for each of the main countries involved – Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. The key takeaway is simple: We all need to coordinate our efforts for the billfish is a true migratory species. Whatever happens in one country will eventually affect – either positively or negatively the fishing stats for the rest of the countries in the Eastern Pacific.

Niels Erichsen participated as the Key Note Speaker with his presentation on Results & Plans for the Guatemalan Sailfish Conservation Commission. The group as a whole agreed on adopting as the blueprint for Central America – what Guatemala has been able to accomplish within the Government. As a direct result of this meeting, the Guatemalan Minister of Fisheries was able to introduce yesterday a request to his counterparts within the region to include a Consultery Group for the Sportfishing Industry as part of the gubernamental agency controlling all topics related to fishing.

Niels stated, “as Guatemalans, we are certainly very proud to lead the way in conservation. Results achieved in Guatemala for the 2014-15 season is astonishing! The plans for the next year seem very aggressive, but achievable. Hopefully, what we can accomplish locally will eventually be adopted regionally.”

We will be updating you regularly on our progress in regards to conservation. It is everyone’s responsibility even though we are the ones enforcing it locally!

The Angling Report – Mentions Our Guaranteed Marlin Offer in July 2015 Issue

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