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Conservation of Billfish

For the last year, we have been updating you on the advances Guatemala’s Sailfish Commission has achieved for the benefit of our beloved fishery. With the new elected government, new liaisons and new friendships had to be worked on. Everyone from Club Nautico, the lodge owners and sportfishing tour operators have participated directly or indirectly to keep the project moving smoothly towards its goals.

Within the last couple of months, major milestones have been accomplished and the momentum The Guatemalan Sailfish Commission is obtaining will yield immediate results for all anglers within Guatemala AND Central America.

Briefly mentioning the successes obtained:

United Nations Fund for Biodiversity has officially categorized Sportfishing in Guatemala as a key activity within the Sustainable Tourism Initiative for the next 10 years. The first study regarding Sportfishing Economics for Guatemala and its impact within the local economy has been assigned and preliminary results are demonstrating huge financial benefits for the country. The most relevant issue here being SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – Catch & Release! Achieving this recognition is the beginning of a very interesting path for worldwide conservation issues and Guatemala is leading the way.

– Guatemala’s Ministry of Fisheries has requested that Central America’s Governmental Agency for Fisheries include Sportfishing Tourism as a Core Regional Development Topic, with the direct support of Guatemala’s Sailfish Commission. OSPESCA and its lead officer, Mario Gonzalez meets with Guatemala’s Top Officers within the ministry to discuss the potential for a REGIONAL project for the Conservation of the billfish within all of Central America.

“The model for conservation Guatemala has adopted through the Commission and the Tourism sector should be the benchmark for the region,” stated Mr. Gonzalez.

“We will evaluate all political aspects regarding this initiative in order to obtain regional status for the Commission.”

Every bit of support adds up when talking conservation. The Guatemala Sailfish Commission is doing a great job locally, but being able to export these ideas throughout the Central American Pacific coast is key for the future.

As stated by Dr Nelson Ehrhardt from The University of Miami and lead scientist for the Central America Billfish Association (CABA), “I am sure we have a huge and unique opportunity to achieve regional milestones that we have never dreamed of in regards to conservation of the billfish. Hopefully, all governments will understand the positive economic impact sportfishing tourism will provide to their local economies.”

Niels Erichsen devotes much of his off time leading the way with Guatemala’s Sailfish Commission. He understands Pacific Fins’ future depends on high catch & release indexes and billfish are the key element!

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#1 For Fly Fishing

Guatemala is the knock-down, drag-out world champion when it comes to fly fishing for sailfish! With more raises and releases than anywhere in the world you will have the best opportunity for success in the bluewater off Guatemala’s Pacific Coast.

The anticipation of landing that first sail on fly is a great feeling. As you cruise these fertile waters and suddenly hear our mates scream “vela, vela, vela” (sailfish, sailfish, sailfish) your bluewater fly fishing baptism has begun.

Your heart drops in your stomach. You jump to your feet. Your knees begin to quiver. This is saltwater angling that gets into your blood!

The mates will tease that sail within casting distance and yell “cast! cast! cast!” The sailfish is NOW eagerly awaiting your fly. You launch that giant pink and white fly through the air with perfection. The water boils. The sail ate your fly! He’s hooked up and your reel is now screaming as the line is being taken.

The rest is history.

Fly fishing for sailfish is not difficult. It is certainly easier then fly fishing the flats for bones, permit and tarpon which require much longer casts. Just like anything else – it requires a little discipline. Anglers must be patient, listen sharply to the commands of the mates, cast at the appropriate time, and position the rod at the correct angle to set the hook.

Let’s face it. You won’t be perfect every time – there are several moving parts involved. So you need a fishery that is prolific. And Guatemala is that destination where you can have upwards of 10 – 20 shots per day at sailfish averaging 80 – 110 lbs.

Our area is teeming with billfish.

The captains and mates at Pacific Fins are among the finest in the world. They’re experts when it comes to locating, teasing and fly fishing for billfish.

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