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Join us April 8 – 12, 2016 for the 1st Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational! The start of an epic experience where you will tackle the mighty billfish off Guatemala’s Pacific Coast with celebrity anglers and make a difference in the future of Conservation in Guatemala!

“What the Sailfish Commission is doing in Guatemala should be the blueprint for the world.”Rob Kramer, President, IGFA

Profits will go to The Sailfish Commission of Guatemala. YOU WILL be making a difference!

This FUN 3-day tournament is where like-minded anglers will gather to socialize with each other and fishing celebrities in a relaxed environment all in support of a worthy cause.

We have confirmed the following Celebrity Anglers:

Capt Wild Bill from The Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”
4-time Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto
Capt Scott Walker of the TV Show “Into The Blue”
Former Food Network Extreme Chef Winner Terry French
Dr. Nelson Ehrhardt – Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (University of Miami)
Rob Kramer, President, IGFA

We have confirmed the following International Sponsors: Go Pro, Papa’s Pilar Rum, Grunden’s USA, Guy Harvey Magazine, Smith Optics, King Sailfish Mounts, Simrad, Shimano, Soft Science, Dr.Dans, Rod Runner, Scylla Lures, Sea Deck, and Fortress Marine Anchors.

Guests will arrive in Guatemala on April 8 and depart on April 12. Fishing on 9,10,11. 3 days fishing, 4 nights.  Activities will be planned for each day and include all celebrities participating actively within the group.

“Guatemala is the real deal”Captain Scott Walker, Into the Blue TV

We have created a website for the Tournament. Check it out!
Guatemala Billfish Invitational

Who should attend this event? A group of buddies. Father/Sons. Lady anglers. Families. Solo anglers. Companies. If the principals of your company can’t make it – reward key staff or send your best clients. You want to impress someone? We will impress them! Join us.

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Jan 2016 – Fishing Report

This is nuts. Frankie Dupre returned for the 2nd time in 3 months. Joining him on this trip were Brandie Metts and Brittany Butler.  In 2.5 days on Sirena they raised 209 sailfish, had 195 bites and released 135!!

Stan Shoemaker fishing Day 1 on Maverick raised 27 sailfish, had 15 bites and released 9 on FLY!

The Padillo group on Mijo in 1 day raised 60 sailfish, had 52 bites and released 31.

Jeff Koeppel, Josh Goodmanson, Gary Frost, Ottmar Schmidt, Shawn Kimberly and Derek Gilvray arrived for 2 days fishing on Canaso and Danmark.  They raised 242 sailfish, had 205 bites, released 131 conventional and 1 on fly.

Ansgar Hehenkamp raised 35 sailfish, had 20 bites and released 10 on light tackle.

The Holcomb group on Chechos in 1 day raised 55 sailfish, had 48 bites and released 34.

Bill Wiatt, Corbin Johnson, Graham Johnson, Mark Weber, Mark Moore and Joe Romagnoli arrived for 2 days on Chechos and Sirena. In ONLY 2 days they raised 323 sailfish, had 284 bites and released 207!

The Flores group raised 58 sailfish, had 51 bites and released 34 on Chechos in 1 day.

Rick Ragsdale, Kyle Ragsdale, Allen Pack and Nathan Brown arrived for 3 days fishing on Aguardiente. They raised 152 sailfish, had 144 bites and released 118!!

The Manolo group fished a few hours on Aguardiente. They raised 6 sailfish, had 5 bites and released 5. They also caught 2 yellowfin.

David Martin arrived for the 8th year in row with his sons Hunter and Michael. Fishing 2 days on Sirena they raised 88 sailfish, had 80 bites and released 58. They also caught 1 Striped marlin.

Dick and Todd Nelson arrived for 3 days fishing.  On Danmark they raised 137 sailfish, had 120 bites and released 76!

Kay Lay returned for the 2nd time and brought her son Walker.  In 2 days fishing on Chechos they raised 72 sailfish, had 53 bites, released 33 conventional and 2 on Fly.

Richard Walden arrived for the 2nd year in a row. Johan Calitz and Cobie Myburgh joined. In 2 days fishing on Sirena they raised 128 sailfish, had 124 bites and released 97!

Josh Hermes arrived for the 2nd year in a row. This time entertaining 16 key clients.  In 1.5 days on Chechos, Sirena, Danmark and Maverick they raised 201 sailfish, had 163 bites and released 129. They broke off the 2nd day early to watch the NFL Playoffs.  They also raised 2 marlin and released 1!.

Kevin Bodine returned for the 2nd time. He was also joined Jamin Carnahan and Bruce Dalton.  On Day #2 they released a GRAND SLAM. 2 Blue marlin, 1 striped marlin and a Pacific sailfish!  In 3 days fishing on Sirena they raised 119 sailfish, had 103 bites, released 88 and caught 2 dorado.

Jim White returned for his 6th visit. Joining him on this trip was friend Gary Voigt. Check out these numbers!! In 3 days fishing on Maverick  they raised 136 sailfish, had 102 bites, released 57 on light tackle and 8 on FLY.

The Perdomo group on Aguardiente raised 28 sailfish, had 26 bites and released 20 in 1 day fishing.

Brian North and David North returned for the 3rd time. This time joining them was friend John Tinucci. In 2.5 days on Maverick they raised 79 sailfish, had 73 bites and released 47. They also raised 1 marlin.

The Marrucci group on Danmark raised 20 sailfish, had 18 bites and released 12 in 1 day fishing .

Jeff and Thomas Erdmann arrived for 3 days fly fishing on Sirena. They raised 81 sails, had 48 bites and released 18 on fly.

John Davis, Jim Starkweather, Roy Van Wyk, Al Penson and Zach Dunlap arrived for their 6th visit.  Fishing 3 days on Chechos they raised 103 sailfish, had 84 bites and released 61!

Claudio and Christopher Martinez arrived for 2 days fishing on Aguardiente.  They raised 32 sailfish, had 30 bites and released 18. They also raised 3 marlin and released 1.

It was a pleasure having April Vokey of FlyGal Ventures – Fly fishing guide, instructor, writer, speaker and TV show host of Shorelines – join us last week fly fishing for sailfish. She’s a world-class angler and such a pleasure to be around. Her husband Charles joined her. In 5 days on Maverick they raised 52 sailfish, had 26 bites and released 15 on FLY.