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Conservation of Sailfish in Guatemala

It is with great excitement we announce by Government Decree a National Commission has been officially organized for the PROTECTION OF THE SAILFISH IN GUATEMALA within our Pacific coastline. A 16-month long ordeal that included many hours spent in meetings between government officials, the tourism board and the local angling community has resulted in this Commission finally coming to life!

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Winter Season Recap – Statistics

A Season in Review – Winter (Oct 2013 – May 2014)

First of all we want to thank everyone who made it down to Pacific Fins to fish and stay with us. For those of you who gave it strong consideration and were not able to make it – hopefully the below stats will help encourage you to make a visit in the future!

In no particular order:

Total for Entire Season – Sailfish – (Conventional/Light Tackle):
Raised:  6176
Bites:  5020
Released:  3510

The majority of our clients hook up the sails themselves. Our crews enjoy teaching this technique to our beginners.

Clients Visited From The Following Countries:
Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, UK, France, and The USA (Lower 48 + Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii).

In the 4-Day Tournament “Maverick” raised 133 sailfish, had 118 bites, and released 83 – Nov 2013
1st Place

Best Single Day – Conventional
62 sailfish raises, 52 bites, 46 releases (Alliance One) РApril 2014

Best Single Day – FLY
40 raises, 20 bites, 9 releases (Stan Shoemaker) РFeb 2014

Biggest Sailfish
195 lbs! Р(Richard Watkins) РDec 2013

Smallest Sailfish
10 lbs Р4 Juvenile 10 lb sailfish released (Dylan & Garrett Schopper) РApril 2014

Best Average Per Day Sailfish Releases:
Averaged 28 releases per day – (Noonie & Lorraine Gilbeau) – Dec 2013
Over 4 days fishing

Most Sailfish Released On FLY During Trip – (Individual)
14 – (Dr. Lee Smith) – Jan 2014

Most Sailfish Released On FLY During Trip – (Group)
17 – (Fehsenfeld Group) – March 2014

Most Marlin Released On FLY During Trip
2 – (Dr. Lee Smith) – 1 Striped, 1 Blue – Jan 2014

Most Marlin Released During Trip – (conventional)
2 – (Patrick Mulligan Family) – 2 Striped – Jan 2014

Oldest Client To Release a Sailfish
89 years old

Youngest Client To Release a Sailfish
8 years old

Most Sailfish Released At ONE Time
6 – (Murat Iyriboz Group) – Jan 2014

Best Month – Average (Conventional)
November 2013 РAveraged 26 sailfish raises, 23 bites, 17 releases per boat per day.

Most Unique Picture Sent By Client
(Rafael Perez Group) – Feb 2014
pic below – This healthy sailfish released back into the bluewater to swim away and fight another day.

Most Prolific Trip Totals: Raises, Bites, Releases
301 sailfish raises, 256 bites, 201 releases – (Tomfohdre Group) – Feb 2014

Most Visits In Same Season – (Tie)
2 – Dr Alberto Ramirez group – Dec 2013 & Feb 2014
2 – Jim Bishop group – Dec 2013 & April 2014
2 – Johnny & Stacey Powers – Dec 2013 & March 2014

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