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5 Marlin!

If there is a word better then epic? We will go with that. The Moores group on Saturday: 9 marlin raises, 6 bites and 5 releases. 4 Blues. 1 Black. And the best part is they started off fishing for sailfish! They went 13-10-7 on sails before they switched over to marlin.

CABA Meeting

AGENDA CABA (Central America Billfish Association) MEETING OCTOBER 28th, 2016 GUATEMALA CITY


9:00 AM Scientific developments in support of billfish conservation

since the February CABA meeting by University of Miami scientists.

10:00 AM Review of worldwide use of FADs in larger pelagic fisheries by

University of Miami scientists.

10:45 AM Discussions on actual and potential use of FADs in billfish

recreational fisheries and small scale fisheries in Central America. All

in attandeance.

11:15 AM Report on activities of the Sailfish Conservation Commission by

Niels Erichsen and Manoel Cifuentes.

11:30 AM Financial mechanisms that contribute to the sustainability of

sailfish tourism fishing in Guatemala by Oscar Villagran, BIOFIN Project

11:45 AM Technical projects in support of the Sailfish Conservation

Commission, by Raquel Sigueriza de Micheo, PNUD Guatemala


2:00 PM Concepts to create a Central American Sportfishing Tour

Operator Federation by Niels Erichsen (Guatemala Pacific Fins Lodge)

2:20 PM OSPESCA as a mechanism for fisheries integration in Central

Amercia by Mario Gonzalez Recinos, OSPESCA Executive Director

2:40 PM The role of CABA regarding technical and scientific support to

billfish conservation strategies adopted in the region by Nelson

Ehrhardt, CABA Scientific Director and University of Miami Professor of


3:00 PM Round table of discussions on institutional development and

strategic implementation for the new Federation led by Niels Erichsen

and Nelson Ehrhardt with participation of all those atteding the


5:00 PM Adjourn


M.A.R.L.I.N – Wow!

We would not expect most anglers to know about the incredible marlin fishing in Guatemala. As a destination, Guatemala has mainly promoted it’s sailfishing for the last 20 years. And rightly so – it is the best in the world.

“We are down at the Lodge as this is being sent out. We came down for Pacific Fins “Marlin Guarantee.” We accomplished it in one day. We have our own boats. Fish all over the globe. This is the absolute best trip we have ever done. The whole thing is exceptional.”Jose Garcia, Jr.

Day 1: 8 Marlin raises, 7 bites and 3 Blues released! 7 bites is amazing.
Day 2: 27 Sailfish raises, 21 bites, and 17 releases.
Day 3: 4 Marlin raises, 3 bites and 3 releases. 13 Sailfish raises, 8 bites and 6 releases.
(GRAND SLAM DAY: 1 Black 600 lb., 1 Blue 500 lb. and sailfish!)

Guatemalan Marlin Guru – Christian Siebold

For a consistent weekend angler in Guatemala his personal goals for sailfish were achieved. He needed a new challenge. Our friend and Niels Erichsen’s fishing partner, Cristian Siebold had decided to focus primarily on Marlin fishing (especially the months August – November). During a period of more than 2 years, he has been sharing his weekend stats with us, helping us prove Guatemala IS A MARLIN DESTINATION.

He tested all written theories on marlin fishing and experimented with his own new Guatemalan Style. Christian will compete with a Guatemalan team in this year’s Bisbee, on “The King and I”. His boat is traveling to Cabo as we write this.

Our mates have personally fished with Christian this summer to learn more from him!

Marlin fishing statistics from Captain Cristian Siebold – only fishing Saturdays
**These numbers do not include other marlin released by other fishermen on the same boat during the same days of fishing.

Fishing style – stand up 50-lb. class with lures:

Total Days Fished from July 2015 through September 2016 = 28 days
Total Marlin released = 38
Total Bites = 52
Average Marlin Released Per Day = 1.4 Marlin
Total Days Without a Marlin Bite = 4
Marlin Mix = 10 Black, 2 Stripe, 26 Blue
Greatest Accomplishments:
July 2015 – Grand Slam (Blue, Stripe, Sailfish).
August 2015 – Two Blues at the same time, both released, only one fisherman and one mate on board.
December 2015 – Marlin Grand Slam (Blue, Black, Stripe). Biggest marlin = 600 lbs Black.
September 2016 – 4 of 4 same day. 3 of 3 same day (following Saturday).

Risk Takers – Pacific Fins

Over the last few seasons Pacific Fins has marketed our “Marlin Guarantee.” We took a big (perceived) risk the last few seasons by offering it. The number of calls we received from clients and industry friends with comments like “you guys are nuts, you are going to get killed on this deal, this is one ballsy move,” etc. We were willing to take the chance for our clients to get them excited.

We are the ONLY operation in Guatemala (and the world for that matter) who GUARANTEES MARLIN. Our Marlin Guarantee takes place in the months of August, September and October. If we don’t perform it is a significant financial penalty to Pacific Fins.

Now with 2 seasons of data under our belt with our own anglers one thing is clear – We are performing and the clients are getting their Marlin – the whole purpose of this promotion. Every single group FOR 2 YEARS has caught their Marlin except for 1. They came back 6 months later for 50% cost of the trip and caught two!

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If you can get away in the next few weeks you still have time for the Marlin Guarantee in Oct 2016.

Clients are already booking August, September and October 2017. Grab your dates today!

So is Guatemala the new hot spot and the most underrated destination on the planet for Marlin? We believe it is.

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