Live the Pacific Fins Experience

A December to Remember

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and a Happy New Year. We are still on a high from last month’s Guatemala Billfish Invitational.

December was one for the books for sure. We are now prepping for the hunting/sportfishing trade show season and Dallas, Texas is first. If you are in the area, please visit us at the DSC Convention, January 11th – 14th, Booth #355. We are excited to see and hear from so many who are looking forward to traveling in 2024.

THANKS TO YOU! Our fleet has been non-stop. The blue marlin bite has also been good. Anglers who never had the opportunity to check off from their bucket list got to experience it. Always a great sight to see the excitement in their faces releasing their first fish.

There was no shortage of Dorado during December. I always make a joke about it, as during the Invitational, anglers were trying to break off 20-30lb fish, so they could concentrate on the sails. Where else around the world do you hear that?

The tournament in 3 days generated 1534 sailfish raises, 1267 bites, and 764 Sailfish releases. 17 blue marlin raises, 11 blue marlin bites, and 5 released. The fishing report below does not include these numbers. So this shows you how good the numbers in December were.

December Fishing Report :
December 2nd – 7th: Maverick – 90 sailfish raises, 69 bites and 49 releases. Dorados: 51. (5 days of fishing).
December 2nd – 31st: Chechos – 464 sailfish raises, 417 bites and 259 releases. Blue Marlin: 4 raises, 2 bites, 0 releases. Dorado: 173. (26 days of fishing).
December 2nd – 31st: Gypsy – 402 sailfish raises, 440 bites and 235 releases (4 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 6 raises, 5 bites and 4 releases. Dorado: 211 and 3 Rooster fish. (23 days fishing)
December 2nd – 31st: Knotwork – 302 sailfish raises, 219 bites and 164 releases (6 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 4 raises, 3 bites and 1 release. Dorado: 118 and 1 on FLY!. (18 days of fishing).