Live the Pacific Fins Experience

PR Extravaganza at Pacific Fins

We had a blast last week hosting:

-Capt. Wild Bill Wichrowski, star of Discovery Channel’s“Deadliest Catch”
-Ozzy Delgado, Guy Harvey Magazine
-Terry French, Extreme Chef Winner, The Food Network
-Steve Dougherty, Editor at Florida Sport Fishing Magazine
-Eric Tietje and Matthew Jackson, Grundens
-Kyle Reid, from The ProAngler App
-Liza Almestica from Dalatour

It was a great time of fishing, cooking and socializing with fine individuals we are now proud to call our friends. The group fished 2 days on Maverick/Gypsy and were able to catch sailfish and yellowfin tuna. A nice marlin was also raised and hooked, but later lost.

We could not have made this trip happen without thesupport of The Guatemala Tourism Board, INGUAT! They did a fantastic job and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts. Please visit their wonderful website for the endless list of possibilities on touring our beautiful country:

INGUAT – Visit Guatemala

After fishing everyone went to spend the day and night inAntigua, Guatemala. Antigua is very popular with our clientele and we do a free tour for those anglers fishing with us on the drive to the resort (if flights coincide!)

Antigua Guatemala is one of the most idyllic destinations in the world, with painstakingly restored Spanish colonial architecture, manicured parks, stylish hotels, superb international cuisine and a horizon shaped by threespectacular volcanoes. Walking along cobblestone streets, visitors find high-end art galleries, fascinating museums, luxurious shops with international treasures and traditional markets packed to the rafters with locally made textiles and wood crafts. With its architecture, culture and unique setting, Antigua Guatemala, quite simply, is themost charming city in all the Americas.

Capt. Wild Bill From Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch Visits

We had a blast this week hosting Capt. Wild Bill Wichrowski, star of Discovery Channel’s“Deadliest Catch”– a documentary series chronicling the real-life high-sea adventures of Alaskan crab fishermen. This is one of the most deadly professions in the world and one of the most highly rated shows on TV!

Capt Bill was joined by 7 other anglers on this trip. We will highlight them in more detail in next week’s newsletter. It was a great group. Wild Bill had a spectacular trip and will be back at Pacific Fins Resort within the upcoming season.