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Travel Channel Selects Guatemala!


From the article: “While other Latin America countries have been more on the radar for travelers – especially Mexico and Costa Rica – Guatemala hasn’t received the tourism spotlight it deserves. With 33 volcanoes, a World Heritage Site in the city of Antigua, Mayan ruins, and the mystical volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is brimming with intriguing history, colonial grandeur and outdoor adventures that will keep every type of traveler intrigued. Take in the breath-taking beauty of Guatemala at Casa Palopo, a boutique hotel with panoramic views of Lake Atitlan and 3 majestic volcanoes across the shore.”

You can read the rest of article from The Travel Channel right here: http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/travels-best/photos/travels-best-for-2015

Press Release: Guatemala Pioneers Protection of Sailfish with New Commission


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Guatemala Pioneers Protection of Sailfish with New Commission
Commission to be introduced at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show

After two years of collaboration between the Guatemalan government, Guatemalan tourism officials, and the Guatemalan recreational fishing community, The Guatemalan Sailfish Commission has been established. The goals of the Commission are to identify and resolve problems due to illegal fishing, raise awareness of the importance of billfish, develop billfish protection programs, coordinate with local and international authorities to work towards billfish protection, and to promote the practice of sustainable fishing in alignment with Guatemalan tourism.

“Sportfishing offers Guatemala the opportunity for economic development by generating income through tourism derived both from national and international anglers enjoying our fishery. Protecting the sailfish guarantees long term sustainability for the sport and for the responsible enjoyment of the resource for many years to come.” said Commission Representative, Niels Erichsen

The Guatemalan Sailfish Commission will convene a press conference at the 2015 Miami Boat show. The purpose of the conference is to educate, update and inform all attendees about the tangible results Guatemala has achieved since the creation of the Commission and how upcoming plans and strategies will be the catalyst of change for sailfish conservation within Central America. The conference will be held at the 2015 Miami Boat show on Friday, February 13, 2015 at 2:00PM in room A101-102.


Founded in 1939, the IGFA is a non-profit organization and is best known for conservation efforts of fisheries, educational programs, rule-making and for maintaining worldwide game fish records in freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing and junior angler categories. IGFA members are located in over 125 countries.

For further information, contact the IGFA, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, Florida 33004; phone 954-927-2628, fax: 954-924-4299, website: www.igfa.org.

International Game Fish Association
300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, Florida, 33004 USA

Feb 2015 – Guatemala Fishing Report

The TaxSlayer group returned for the 7th time. This time they rented the entire Lodge for a week (Feb 26 – March 4) to entertain key clients and executives.

16 clients for the first part of the week. 8 new clients for the 2nd part.

TaxSlayer Group #1 consisted of Carl Rhodes, Jimmy Rhodes, Zane Christopher, Jermey Duncan, Brian Wilson, Jay Murray, Mark Thomas, Steve Palmer, Raymond Knotts, Graham Prererira, Dan Robinson, Greg Whisenhunt, Whitaker Dawson, Andrew Whisenhunt and Richard Marshall.  They fished 2 days on Gypsy, Maverick, Canaso 2 and Mijo. They raised 162 sailfish, had 130 bites and released 82.


Lin and Jeannie Poor arrived for the second year in a row.  Joining them this year was Richard Walden.  Fishing 3 days on Sirena they raised 76 sailfish, had 60 bites and released 42.  They raised 2 marlin with 2 bites and also caught a few dorado.

Clients from Brazil arrived for 3 days fishing on Aguardiente.  They raised 74 sailfish, had 52 bites and released 48.

Sirena – today (Feb 26) – WOW! – With some of our local clients.  65 sailfish raises, 55 bites and released 41!!

Pat and Vaughn Silvernail arrived for the 2nd year in a row.  Fishing on Maverick for 3 days they raised 57 sailfish, had 53 bites and released 40.

Serhiy Larin and Nataliya Larina arrived from The Ukraine.  They fished with Rapalas!  In 3 days on Gypsy they raised 50 sailfish, had 29 bites and released 16 on Rapalas.

Here come the Marlin!

Sheldon Lasky, Dan Doerr, Kim Harter and Jim Wilson arrived. Fishing for 2 days on Sirena and 3 days on Knotwork they raised 89 sailfish, had 77 bites and released 51. Kim Harter also released 1 300 lb. Blue marlin and the group caught several dorado and yellowfin tuna!

Bill Evans and Paul Steigerwald arrived for 3 days fishing.  On Knotwork they raised 30 sailfish, had 26 bites and released 17.  They also raised 2 marlin, had 1 bite and released a Blue!

Tom Tomfohdre arrived for his 13th trip. Joining Tom were Lynn, Rick and Peter Tomfohdre. Fishing 3 days on Gypsy they raised 38 sailfish, had 30 bites and released 18. They also caught 1 Black marlin, several tuna and dorado!

Howard Kisner arrived for the 3rd time. Joining Howard on this trip was his cousin Charles Graning. Fishing on Gypsy for 3 days they raised 51 sailfish, had 39 bites and released 29. Howard who is 75 years old also caught 1 400 lb Blue marlin! It was a great experience for the 2 cousins to share in Guatemala.

Ray Barker Smith and Marlene White arrived for 7th time.  They were fly fishing.  On Gypsy, in 5 days they raised 49 sailfish, had 31 bites and released 18 on Fly.

We experienced 3 to 4 day cold front that moved.  Several clients went inshore.

Brian Mayer and Doug Mercer arrived for 4 days fly fishing on Sirena.  They raised 31 sailfish, had 19 bites and released 6 on Fly.

Tony & Patricia Vicari arrived for 3 days fishing on Canaso 2.  They raised 25 sailfish, had 20 bites and released 12.  They also caught 2 yellowfin tuna.

Reece Milton and Jim McConnell returned for the 3rd time.  Also joining them were Bob Phillips and Wade Lopez.  Fishing 2 days on Canaso 2 they raised 25 sailfish, had 19 bites and released 11.  They also caught 6 yellowfin and a very large Dorado!

Jack McGeough arrived for 2 days fishing.  Joining Jack were Mark, Sarah, Jackson and Ava McGeough.  Fishing on Canaso 2 they raised 23 sailfish, had 20 bites and released 11.  They also caught mackerel inshore.

Dwight and Peter Jefferson, Richard Kendall and Dick Richards arrived for 3 days fishing on Sirena.  They raised 8 sailfish, had 8 bites and released 6.

Dr. Gene Brierre arrived to Pacific Fins again.  Joining him were Joseph and William Brierre, Kathy Hebert and Kati Napole.  They fished 3 days on Danmark and raised 40 sailfish, had 35 bites and released 18.  They also got some Amberjack and Mackerel inshore.

Kirk & Krista Courson arrived for the 10th time.  Fishing on Knotwork for 4 days they raised 62 sailfish, had 57 bites and released 39.  They also caught 3 Roosterfish and 2 dorado.

Crystal and Ryan Erickson arrived to Pacific Fins for the first time.  Fishing on Gypsy for 3 days they raised 72 sailfish, had 62 bites and released 41.  They also raised 1 marlin and caught a few dorado.

The Chris Jones group had 4 anglers in Feb 2014. This year in Feb 2015 he was entertaining 10 clients. Joining Chris were Gregg Plunkett, Manny Zavalos, Jaime Cleveland, Ed Harris, Jakob Anthony, Christian Hauge, Thomas Thorson, Cliff Stanch, Greg Smith and KC Caldwell.

In 2 days fishing on Danmark, Piragua and Mijo they raised 232 sailfish, had 183 bites and released 125 conventional and 5 on fly!!

Dr. Ramirez (Dad), Dr. Ramirez (son), Edgar Stokes and Hector Reyes returned for 7th time. Fishing on Gypsy for 3 days they raised 95 sailfish, had 82 bites and released 60.

Rafael Perez, Rafael Perez Jr and Jorge Perez returned for the 6th time. Fishing on Canaso 2 for 3 days they raised 112 sailfish, had 97 bites and released 62!

Brian and David North returned for the 2nd time. They were also joined by Dean Phillips and Phil Hinz. In 3 days fishing on Gypsy they raised 74 sailfish, had 64 bites and released 45!

Haskins Group (continued). On day 3 they raised 9 sailfish, had 6 bites and released 4 on Fly. So for the 3 days total: 38 sailfish raises, 18 bites and released 10 on Fly.

Russell and Thomas Lavery arrived the 2nd time. Fishing on Danmark for 3 days they raised 53 sailfish, had 44 bites and released 30.

William, Bill and Tyler Lahnen arrived. In 3 days fishing on Canaso 2 they raised 54 sailfish, had 48 bites and released 30. They also raised 2 marlin, with 2 bites and released 1 400 lb Blue!