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Dorado Overload Fishing Report

I’ve always been a firm believer that October is the month to be in Guatemala. It kicks off the season with lots of action and variety. One thing is for certain, the meat fish was not in short supply. The dorado were so thick that at times they wouldn’t let the sails get to the bait. There were yellowfin tuna and dorado to go around for guests to take home fresh filets.Fall is known as a good blue marlin month and the numbers proved once again, that this is the time of year to keep in your fishing plans for 2024.

This past month the Gale Force Twins hosted their second all-ladies fishing trip and now they are getting ready for their first all-ladies fishing tournament on May 3rd, 2024. Ladies, contact us for more info.We want to give congratulations to the crew of Gypsy for putting guests Lynn Adkins and his twin brother on their first-ever blue marlin.
October Fishing Report :
October 7th Р21st: Knotwork Р42 sailfish raises, 38 bites and 28 releases. Blue Marlin: 3 raises, 1 bites, 0 releases. Dorados: 86 and 2 yellowfin tuna. (7 days of fishing).
October 2nd Р23rd: Gypsy Р119 sailfish raises, 104 bites and 65 releases. Blue Marlin: 5 raises, 3 bites, 2 releases. Dorado: 185. (12 days of fishing).
October 7th Р24th: Maverick Р53 sailfish raises, 50 bites and 39 releases. Dorado: 90. (7 days fishing)
October 1st Р21st: Chechos Р37 sailfish raises, 30 bites and 18 releases. Sailfish on Fly: 4 raises, 1 bite, 1 release. Blue Marlin: 2 raises, 1 bite, 1 release. Dorado: 55. (6 days of fishing).
October 1st Р21st: Tranquility Р59 sailfish raises, 51 bites and 37 releases. Blue Marlin: 2 raises, 2 bites, 2 releases. Dorado: 35. (3 days of fishing).