Live the Pacific Fins Experience

Retiring in Style

Is there a better time to discover the world than after retirement? With today’s busy life, not everyone has the luxury to spend a lot time out of the office. 

Travel after retirement is clearly the most popular and desired pursuit for this phase of life. Retirement should be the time for you to do things you have always dreamed of doing. Imagine retiring and to celebrate the thing you like the most… FISHING. How about 10 Consecutive days on the flat calm pacific waters of Guatemala? Yes, you read correctly… 10 days! To some it may sound crazy, but others seem to think is the perfect gift for yourself.

Our guest, Mr. Nigel Sowerby on his 10 day adventure at Pacific Fins:

“I recently returned from Pacific Fins. I’ve been fortunate to fish with them the last several years. As I am back at home reviewing my numbers it confirms why I choose Guatemala as my retirement gift to myself. 74 sails released conventional,

21 on fly, 4 marlin, 3 mahi and 2 tuna over the course of my trip. The fishing is always superb, but I believe it goes beyond that for me. The staff is first-class. The captains and mates are attentive and fine teachers of the sport. The great thrill

of releasing sailfish on fly during this trip I won’t forget and to fight and add 4 marlin into the mix!

My non-angling friends who joined me got to see whales, turtles, rays and and dolphin. They loved the resort and found Guatemala to be a special place. The whole experience was relaxing with lots of excitement out at sea in beautiful weather.

I plan on visiting 2 more times in 2020 and again in 2021. I can’t wait to return!” – Nigel Sowerby

Time to Burn Those Calories…

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving break with family and friends. Now is time to burn some of those calories and Guatemala is the perfect diet plan.

The holiday its self is reserved for turkey and football like most families, but rest assure, after the break is for catching fish!

As we move into December, the fishing reports have been great. Guests have had double digit releases of sailfish and blue marlin are here. The Dorado bite has been sporadic. One day you’ll find them and others you don’t see them. Same goes for Yellowfin tuna, but the reports indicate that there are few around – hence, it’s not the season yet…

If past December fishing reports indicate, this is the month to be here… I wouldn’t sleep on it.  

Recent fishing highlights:

We had the pleasure to welcome back Peter Miller of Uncharted Waters. He was here to film his second season of Uncharted Waters and we look forward to watching it on Discovery Channel.

If you like Nascar racing, we also had the pleasure to have visit us, Tab Boyd, spotter for Hendrick Motorsports driver, William Byron.

Tab Boyd (right) posing with a double with longtime friend, Frank Bolter.

Fishing Reports:

Gibson Group: Fishing 3 days; aboard Maverick – raised 72 Sailfish, had 67 bites and released 47. Went 1 for 4 on Rooster fish and 4 dorados. 

Rizek Group: Fishing 3 days; aboard Maverick – raised 112 Sailfish, 98 bites and released 67. And 2 dorados.   

Castaneda Group: Fishing 1 day; aboard Gypsy – raised 33 Sailfish, 27 bites and released 19. 1 dorado.

Nicolarsen Group: Fishing 2 days; aboard Gypsy – raised 49 Sailfish, had 37 bites and released 27.

Balensiefen Group: Fishing 2 days; aboard Maverick – raised 41 Sailfish, had 35 bites and released 28. 8 dorados.  

Bolter Group: Fishing 2 days; aboard Chechos – raised 72 Sailfish, had 67 bites and released 47. Went 1 for 4 on Rooster fish and 4 dorados.

Adamiec Group: Fishing 3 days; aboard Chechos – raised 40 Sailfish, had 34 bites and released 30. 

As you can see, the fishing is good and we expect it to keep on. If you haven’t made any plans to visit Guatemala soon, make sure you book early as we have started to get lots of inquiries.