Cast & Blast in Guatemala

A frequently asked question we get from hunters is, Is there any hunting in Guatemala?

Yes, it is possible to fish and hunt in Guatemala and what makes it even better is the geographical distance from our resort – 45 minutes. Our region offer opportunities for both activities, allowing individuals to enjoy a diverse outdoor experience. Some may call it “Cast & Blast”, but we call it “Live the Pacific Fins Experience”.

Guatemala is the most incredible and exotic place for duck and dove hunting. It’s widely known for its beautiful virgin landscapes and outstanding flora and fauna sightseeing. Worldwide hunters will be in love with the different types of hunts we can offer (duck hunting and dove hunting), and the variety of species they’ll find. You can see Blue and Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, Whistlers, Shovelers, etc. The tours take place on the South coast of Guatemala, near the BEST PLACE in the whole world for Billfishing.

The hunting areas provided have been very well scouted and guarantee a great hunt. There are different hunting tours with experienced hunters who will be by your side, top-of-the-line services, and awesome hospitality; everything to make sure you have the best of times and a trip you will never forget.

Guatemala hunting includes generous duck bag limits which are strictly abided. Limits are 25 ducks per day. Duck Hunting season is from November to February, and Dove Hunting season is from May to December.

The Duck Hunting tours take place in private freshwater ponds with amazing scenic views of the volcanos. On the other hand, in the Dove Hunting tours, you can gaze at the beautiful local agricultural cropping lands.

The properties where you will hunt are amongst the very best in the region.

We provide water transport, decoys placed by field staff, Berretta shotguns, water boys, and blinds. Depending on the tour you choose, hunters will be placed in different strategic spots, all provided with cold drinks, snacks, and an emergency kit.

The Duck hunting tour is from 4:00 am to 2:00 pm, and the Dove Hunting tour is from 5:00 am to 2:00 am. After the hunt is over, the hunters and the team will enjoy our delicious local foods and drinks to recharge and get to know a little bit more of our culture, and the wonderful hospitality of our people and listen to the team’s stories.

We want to make this the best hunting experience you ever imagined by mixing a great hunting adventure and all our country has to offer as well as its unique landscapes and wonderful weather. These tours were created by two extremely passionate Guatemalan hunters with the purpose of sharing their love for hunting and the beauties their country has to offer you.


Packing for this Guatemala South Coast duck hunting combo is very simple. The weather is practically the same the whole season (78-90F).

–      Breathable pants for hot weather, light shirts (long or short sleeves), cap, hiking or rubber boots.

–      Light – weight clothing in camo or earth tones, ball cap and sunglasses, hearing and eye protection, and sunscreen are musts.

–      If taking trophies home, bring 2-gallon zip-locks, pen or marker, and tags for properly labeling your trophies. Contact your USDA-approved taxidermist prior to travel to discuss taxidermy and import.

For more information, please contact us:

888-431-5556 or [email protected]

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