Happy New Year!

As we are all in a hurry to close the final chapter of 2020, we have to count our blessings for our health and incredible support by you.
This year has been so challenging, so it is even more important than ever to look to find the things we are grateful for. If we decide to call this year a wash and let it go down in history as awful, with nothing of merit coming out of it, then we lose. If we learned something new or just got to slow down a bit and really live in the moment, and recognize that, we win. It’s amazing to see how many people traveled to Pacific Fins to not only show their support, but to enjoy a little of normalcy.
The 5th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational was a success and now it’s on to more guests arriving at the resort. With 856 sailfish raises and 396 sailfish releases during the the Invitational, one would think that the fishing would have slow down a bit, but who are we kidding… It’s Guatemala!


The sailfish numbers just got better and the supporting cast; dorado, blue marlin and yellowfin tuna have made for unforgettable trips for our guests. December is when everyone is making plans for the holidays. But, one thing to consider… this time of year has always been prime time to be fishing our waters. How about a 2021 December trip? See the numbers below and you will be a believer.

December 16th: Knotwork (Captain Caluco) – 12 sailfish raises, 10 bites and 7 releases. 4 doradosDecember 17th: Knotwork, 15 sailfish raises, 13 bites, 9 releases. 2 doradosDecember 18th: Knotwork – 23 sailfish raises, 22 bites and 14 releases. 3 doradosDecember 19th: Knotwork – 10 sailfish raises, 8 bites, 6 releases. 150lb yellowfin tuna
December 19th: Maverick (Captain Nestor Garcia) – 13 sailfish raises, 10 bites, 8 releases. 3 yellowfin tuna 40-60lb range.
December 20th: Gypsy (Captain Jorge Piñeda) – 28 sailfish raises, 23 bites, 18 releases.
December 20th: Knotwork – 30 sailfish raises, 25 bites, 16 releases. 2 dorados
December 20th: Maverick – 26 sailfish raises, 24 bites, 17 releases. 2 Dorado
December 21st: Gypsy – 42 sailfish raises, 30 bites, 21 releases. 3 dorados.
December 21st: Chechos – 18 sailfish raises, 12 bites, 6 releases. 1 blue marlin est. 250lbs, 1 yellowfin tuna, 2 dorados 30-45lbs.
December 22nd: Maverick – 18 sailfish raises, 14 bites, 11 releases. 1 dorado.
December 22nd: Gypsy – 15 sailfish raises, 13 bites, 9 releases.
December 27th: Gypsy – 33 sailfish raises, 28 bites, 24 releases. 1 dorado
December 27th: Chechos – 20 sailfish raises, 18 bites, 10 releases. 1 dorado 
December 28th: Maverick – 37 sailfish raises, 35 bites, 20 releases.
December 28th: Gypsy – 46 sailfish raises, 41 bites, 25 releases. 2 dorados
December 28th: Chechos – 62 sailfish raises, 58 bites, 49 releases.
December 29th: Gypsy – 35 sailfish raises, 30 bites, 24 releases.
December 29th: Chechos – 43 sailfish raises, 41 bites, 32 releases.


We make sure to not let our guard down. Your expectations for cleaning and disinfection is our top priority. That’s why whether during your day out on the water or during your stay at Pacific Fins, we deliver a clean environment for our guests.
As pictured, our Captains, mates and resort staff go through constant COVID testing on top of our already rigorous cleaning standards to provide complete peace of mind when you stay with us. Our promise to you is to deliver the same level of reliable and friendly service you’d expect from Pacific Fins, but with the added confidence of industry-leading hygiene practices created to keep you safe.

About Pacific Fins

Pacific Fins Resort  is Guatemala Fishing at its best. Our boutique hotel with private villas and suites is located in the world’s most productive billfishing destination. We offer all-inclusive fishing packages with a la carte dining, open bar, and custom, personalized service. Our setting on the water and attention to detail is unmatched in Guatemala.

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