Pacific Fins CleanStay

We understand that our guests’ expectations for hotel cleaning and disinfecting have changed. That’s why we’ve taken additional measures beyond our industry-leading cleaning standards by partnering with BOFASA, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country. This innovative program builds upon our already rigorous cleaning standards by providing enhanced training for Team Members, increased cleaning of public areas and adjusted food & beverage service, to ensure our guests enjoy a worry-free stay.

It felt like an eternity, but we are happy to welcome back our guests. I don’t know who is happier… the clients or the fish. Our guests haven’t traveled in a while and the sails haven’t seen a ballyhoo in sometime. Which in turn creates the perfect storm – a HOT bite!

October 2nd:Knotwork (Captain Caluco) – 31 sailfish raises, 25 bites and 14 releases.
October 2nd: Gypsy (Captain Jorge) – 31 sailfish raises, 25 bites, 14 releases.
October 3rd:Knotwork – 31 sailfish raises, 25 bites and 14 releases.
October 3rd: Gypsy – 58 sailfish raises, 52 bites, 33 releases.
October 3rd: Knotwork – 50 sailfish raises, 45 bites, 24 releases.
October 16th: Gypsy – 23 sailfish raises, 19 bites, 12 releases.
October 16th: Knotwork – 25 sailfish raises, 18 bites, 10 releases.
October 17th: Gypsy – 38 sailfish raises, 31 bites, 18 releases. 1 Dorado.
October 18th: Knotwork – 25 sailfish raises, 23 bites, 15 releases.
October 19th: Knotwork – 38 sailfish raises, 35 bites, 27 releases.
October 21st: Knotwork – 19 sailfish raises, 17 bites, 12 releases. 1 for 2 blue marlin and 2 dorados.
October 23rd: Knotwork – 15 sailfish raises, 15 bites, 9 releases. 5 dorados.
October 24th: Knotwork – 16 sailfish raises, 15 bites, 12 releases.
October 26th: Knotwork – 15 sailfish raises, 15 bites, 11 releases. 

About Pacific Fins

Pacific Fins Resort  is Guatemala Fishing at its best. Our boutique hotel with private villas and suites is located in the world’s most productive billfishing destination. We offer all-inclusive fishing packages with a la carte dining, open bar, and custom, personalized service. Our setting on the water and attention to detail is unmatched in Guatemala.

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