The sails are Back!

No more roller coaster rides! For a couple of weeks, the fishing was like visiting an amusement park – up and down, up and down. I’m happy to say, our fishery has gained back the status of “Sailfish Capital of the World”.
For a while there, we were scratching our heads on what was going on. On the positive side, when the sailfishing was not up to par, a mixed bag of yellowfin tuna and BIG dorado made up for slow time. What better way to release a few sails and still catch sushi grade tuna and dorado.
Overall, the numbers on our fishing report illustrates how April started. Dorado and yellowfin tuna are still there and we expect it to last through the summer.
If you are planning a trip in the near future, I highly suggest to book soon. More and more people have started to look into the months ahead and you don’t want to miss out on an adventure of a lifetime. Live the Pacific Fins Experience!


  • April 1st: Gypsy – 4 sailfish raises, 4 bites and 4 releases.
  • April 1st: Knotwork – 7 sailfish raises, 6 bites and 3 releases.
  • April 2nd: Chechos – 20 sailfish raises, 17 bites and 13 releases. 2 Yellowfin tuna, 2 dorado.
  • April 2nd: Maverick (Flyfishing) – 31 sailfish raises, 11 bites and 4 releases.
  • April 3rd: Maverick (Flyfishing) – 11 sailfish raises, 4 bites and 2 releases.
  • April 3rd: Chechos – 12 sailfish raises, 9 bites and 7 releases.
  • April 3rd: Gypsy – 15 sailfish raises, 12 bites and 8 releases. 2 dorados.
  • April 4th: Knotwork – 14 sailfish raises, 9 bites and 6 releases. 1 dorado.
  • April 5th: Maverick (Flyfishing) – 6 sailfish raises, 4 bites and 1 releases.
  • April 8th: Maverick – 6 sailfish raises, 6 bites and 5 releases.5 yellowfin tuna.
  • April 9th: Gypsy – 22 sailfish raises, 14 bites and 12 releases.
  • April 9th: Sirena – 28 sailfish raises, 25 bites and 17 releases.
  • April 9th: Knotwork – 30 sailfish raises, 25 bites and 17 releases. 1 dorado (40lbs).
  • April 9th: Maverick – 18 sailfish raises, 13 bites and 8 releases.
  • April 9th: Chechos – 23 sailfish raises, 13 bites and 7 releases.
  • April 10th: Gypsy – 25 sailfish raises, 16 bites and 8 releases. 1 for 4 on Fly.
  • April 10th: Knotwork – 32 sailfish raises, 28 bites and 24 releases.
  • April 10th: Chechos – 20 sailfish raises, 6 bites and 4 releases.
  • April 10th: Maverick – 28 sailfish raises, 25 bites and 18 releases.
  • April 10th: Knotwork – 30 sailfish raises, 24 bites and 18 releases. 1 dorado (35lbs).
  • April 11th: Chechos – 24 sailfish raises, 18 bites and 8 releases.
  • April 11th: Maverick (Flyfishing) – 18 sailfish raises, 3 bites and 1 releases.
  • April 11th: Knotwork – 6 sailfish raises, 4 bites, 1 release (Flyfishing). 9 sailfish raises, 7 bites, 6 releases (Conventional).
  • April 11th: Gypsy: 28 sailfish raises, 19 bites, 11 releases.
  • April 12th: Knotwork: 14 sailfish raises, 13 bites, 7 releases. 1 dorado and 2 yellowfin tuna.
  • April 12th: Chechos: 10 sailfish raises, 6 bites, 6 releases.
  • April 13th: Chechos: 25 sailfish raises, 22 bites, 15 releases.
  • April 13th: Knotwork: 22 sailfish raises, 18 bites, 9 releases.
  • April 14th: Chechos: 19 sailfish raises, 18 bites, 11 releases. 2 dorado.
  • April 16th: Chechos: 17 sailfish raises, 15 bites, 8 releases. 1 blue marlin (est. 250lbs).


Since the start of the global pandemic last year, the travel industry has been turned upside down. And although we don’t know exactly when we will get back to normal, we know that we can’t do it without you.
Today we’d like to share a genuine THANK YOU to you, our guests.
We want to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for all of your support. We know that traveling during these times is not always an easy experience, although you make it seem so effortless – So, thank you!
Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for introducing Pacific Fins to friends and family. For the long travels, for the late night travels, for the long calls, for the longer email chains… for the passions stirred, for the experiences created.
Thank you for working with us. We know it’s been a challenging time for the entire travel industry, but please accept our sincere appreciation for your continued support, kindness, and understanding. It may be difficult now, but we know that together we will get through this â€“ stronger than ever.
We can’t wait to continue making your fishing dreams a reality, together. In the meantime, we are never more than a call or email away!
From your friends at Pacific Fins, THANK YOU and look forward to your visit.

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