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8th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational (SOLD OUT)

We realize many anglers focus on freshwater destinations – places like Alaska, Canada, and the American West during the summer months. But what many don’t realize this region hosts good numbers of blue marlin, plenty of dorados, and yellowfin tuna during the so-called “Off Season” (summer and early fall).

During this time of year, our blue-water fishery becomes more diverse. Water temperatures heat up, but our climate remains pleasant. We consider the summer (June – September) to be prime time for Dorado and Yellowfin tuna. You can catch these species many days until your arms completely falls off. To hear guests return to the dock catching 25 Dorado and 15 Yellowfin plus several sailfish in a given day is pretty normal in the Guatemalan summer months. And let’s not forget about Marlin. The summer is a great time for our blue marlin fishery, also.

Summertime is superb for family fishing, a father-son/trip, or a corporate excursion. The calm Guatemalan waters offer a wonderful time to take that trip and experience what this country has to offer.

We are always open to guests that can’t make a trip during other months.

June Fishing Report :

  • June 1st – 30th: Gypsy – 116 sailfish raises, 95 bites and 69 releases. Blue Marlin: 4 raise, 3 bite, 3 releases. Dorados: 39. (14 days of fishing).
  • June 2nd – 30th: Chechos – 207 sailfish raises, 170 bites and 114 releases. Sailfish on Fly: 4 raises, 2 bites, 1 release. Blue Marlin: 5 raises, 3 bite, 3 releases. Dorados: 41. (15 days of fishing).
  • June 1st – 28th: Knotwork – 39 sailfish raises, 34 bites and 27 releases. Blue Marlin: 2 raises, 1 bite, 1 release. Dorados: 8. (5 days of fishing).
  • June 1st – 20th: Sirena – 39 sailfish raises, 34 bites, 26 releases. Blue Marlin: 1 raise, 1 bite, 1 release. Dorado: 12. Yellowfin Tuna: 1. Wahoo: 1. (5 days of fishing)
  • June 23rd – 30th: Uno Mas – 28 sailfish raises, 21 bites, 12 releases. Blue Marlin: 1 raise, 1 bite, 1 release. Dorado: 3. (2 days of fishing)
  • June 1st – 30th: Maverick – (Boat Maintenance).

July Fishing Report :

  • July 2nd – 23rd: Gypsy – 69 sailfish raises, 58 bites and 37 releases. Dorados: 19 and 17 yellowfin tuna. (6 days of fishing).
  • July 21st: Chechos – 15 sailfish raises, 14 bites and 9 releases. Dorados: 1. (1 day of fishing).
  • July 15th – 30th: Knotwork – 69 sailfish raises, 54 bites and 37 releases. Dorados: 4 and 14 yellowfin tuna. (7 days of fishing).
  • July 9th – 21st: Sirena – 15 sailfish raises, 14 bites and 17 releases. Dorados: 5. (2 days of fishing).
  • July 22nd: Intensity – 9 sailfish raises, 9 bites and 6 releases. Dorados: 3. (1 day of fishing).
  • July 1st – 31st: Maverick – (Boat Maintenance).

8th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational
Get ready anglers! The 8th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational just got bigger. Which means is shaping up to be the biggest in Guatemala’s history. It’s no surprise we have this turnout. Last year’s event was our largest and the vibe after that one indicated that 2023’s event will surpass it.As last year, we will have a woman’s division. Yes… we will have several ladies competing for a beautiful trophy from Kingsailfish Mounts.In the coming weeks, we will be making announcements about the tournament and the special guests that will be part of this year’s event. So, if you think last year’s tournament was one for the record books… we can’t wait for this one!