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The HOT Fishing Streak Continues

The HOT fishing streak continues. April produced stellar fishing and May numbers are not far behind.

Blue marlin and striped marlin continued to be the talk around the docks. When this much action is taking place, there is always the opportunity to release a “Billfish Grandslam”. Seasoned guest, Roy Clark, released a beautiful stripey on Fly. If you want marlin, they will continue through the summer months.

Dorado and yellowfin tuna are here and don’t expect them to disappear anytime soon.

With summer around the corner and the subject of where to travel during summer break, traveling to Guatemala is more affordable than many other spots around the world. Guests have expressed after you factor in fuel, hotel, and meals, traveling to Pacific Fins is a much more affordable vacation.

So, whether it’s for summer or the upcoming season, we highly suggest you book soon. Many have started to reserve into the months ahead and you don’t want to miss out on an experience of a lifetime.

April Fishing Report :

  • April 1st – 30th:¬†Chechos¬†– 568 sailfish raises, 497 bites and 289 releases (4 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 7 raised, 5 bite, and 3 released. Striped Marlin: 6 raises, 5 bites, and 2 released. Dorados: 41. Rooster Fish: 1 and Yellowfin Tuna: 2¬†(23 days of fishing).
  • April 4th – 30th:¬†Knotwork¬†– 538 sailfish raises, 433 bites and 289 releases. Blue Marlin: 6 raises, 5 bites, 4 releases. Striped Marlin: 2 Raises, 1 bite, and 1 release. Dorado: 33. Wahoo: 1 and Yellowfin Tuna: 5¬†(23 days of fishing).
  • April 1st – 30th:¬†Gypsy¬†– 335 sailfish raises, 254 bites, and 163 releases (3 on FLY!). Blue Marlin: 3 raises, 1 bites, and 0 released. Striped Marlin: 3 raises. 2 bites and 1 released. Dorado: 34. Yellowfin Tuna: 7 and Rooster Fish 3.¬†(10 days fishing).
  • April 4th – 30th:¬†Maverick¬†– 595 sailfish raises, 520 bites and 306 releases. Blue Marlin: 2 raises, 2 bites, and 1 released. Striped Marlin 6 raises, 5 bites, and 4 releases. Dorado: 22. Yellowfin Tuna: 2 (1 on the FLY) and Rooster Fish: 1. (22 days of fishing).
  • April 1st – 25th:¬†Libertad¬†– 423 sailfish raises, 358 bites and 245 releases. Blue Marlin: 7 raises, 4 bites and 2 releases. Striped Marlin: 1 raised, 1 bite, 1 released. Dorado: 21 and Yellowfin Tuna: 3¬†(13 days of fishing).
  • April 21st:¬†Uno Mas¬†– 25 sailfish raises, 18 bites, and 12 releases. Striped Marlin: 1 raised, 1 bite and 1 release. Dorado: 2¬†(1 day of fishing).
  • April 8th-24th:¬†Mijooo¬†– 108 sailfish raises, 93 bites, and 66 releases. Blue Marlin 2 raised, 0 bites, 0 released. Dorado: 6.¬†(4 days of fishing).
  • April 20th:¬†Mojo¬†– 16 sailfish raises, 14 bites and 8 releases.¬†(1 day of fishing).
  • TOTAL APRIL BILLFISH NUMBERS: 2608 Sailfish raises, 2187 Bites, 1378 Releases. 27 Blue Marlin raises, 17 bites, and 10 released. 19 Striped Marlin raises, 15 bites and 10 released.

Back to Back Champions!

The exciting annual fishing competition in Guatemalan waters reached its climax with Pacific Fins, Juan Manuel Cobar, as the undisputed national champion of 2024. 

The national tournament stands out as one of the most challenging events in the region, with eight days of fishing spread over January, February, March, and May to determine the national champion.

The tourney is one of the most competitive to date. It showcased the talent of local anglers, with an intense battle that extended to the final day of the eighth and last leg of the 2024 National Sailfish Release Tournament. Uncertainty made participants wonder who would achieve the supreme title and, in turn, secure their place among the six fishermen who qualify to attend the ILTTA World Championship 2024, scheduled for October in Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Last year, another well-known angler made history by winning his first National Championship, our very own Niels Erichsen.

The final results of the tournament confirmed Juan Manuel Cobar as the worthy Champion, accumulating a score of 25 points in the last leg. He pulled ahead in the last leg by releasing 8 sailfish, reaching a total of 103 points and securing first place.

Cobar’s exceptional performance stands out, having won three of the eight legs, giving him a significant advantage in the leaderboard.

ÔĽŅIn the Amateur category, Gonzalo Ruiz took first place with 86 points.

The overall team title went to boat “Mijooo”. The team is composed of Juan Manual Cobar, Rodrigo Guzman, and Pablo Sechel.