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Fishing Report & 7th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational

It’s been non-stop since the start of the 2022 season, hence why I need to apologize for the delay in newsletters. Back to back hunting/sportfishing trade shows in Dallas, Vegas, and then the Miami Boat Show.
There is no denying that people are out in full force traveling. We all can agree that we want to get back to normalcy. Our staff has been hard at work with lots of visitors and we don’t see slowing down any time soon. Hint-Hint… this is why you should be securing your travel dates soon.
The fishing: Sails in March had better days than others. There were days of amazing numbers and others days where they were hard to find. Still with 1212 sailfish raises during the month, anglers went home with smiles on their faces. March was a great month for big dorados. So was for yellowfin tuna… just see below the Maverick crew with a 245.9lb monster!
There were 15 blue marlin raises, a little slower than normal. I’m optimistic those numbers will get better shortly. April started on the right foot and we will have those numbers for you very soon.
March Fishing Report :
March 1st – 31st: Knotwork – 268 sailfish raises, 226 bites and 154 releases. Sailfish on Fly: 35 sailfish raises, 7 bites and 3 releases. Blue Marlin: 3 raises, 2 bites, 1 release. Striped Marlin: 1 for 1. Dorados: 16. Wahoo: 1. Yellowfin tuna: 1. (21 days of fishing).
March 2nd – 31st: Chechos – 416 sailfish raises, 325 bites and 211 releases. Sailfish on Fly: 3 sailfish raises, 3 bites, 1 release. Blue Marlin: 5 raises, 2 bites, 1 release. Dorado: 19. (24 days of fishing).
March 1st – 31st: Maverick – 274 sailfish raises, 243 bites and 160 releases. Blue Marlin: 1 for 1. Dorado: 14. Yellowfin tuna: 1 (245.9lbs). (20 days of fishing).
March 1st – 31st: Gypsy – 224 sailfish raises, 163 bites and 119 releases. Blue Marlin: 5 raises, 2 bites, 2 releases. Dorado: 13. Yellowfin tuna 2. (17 days of fishing).
March 11th – 29th : Sirena – 30 sailfish raises, 24 bites and 15 releases. Sailfish on Fly: 10 raises, 4 bites, 1 release. Blue Marlin: 1 for 1. Dorado: 4. (Based on 4 days of fishing).

What an impressive catch by Larry Olsen and his grandson. This is a trip they will never forget. Congrats to the crew of Maverick. 245.9lbs!!!


The 2021 Guatemala Billfish Invitational was the biggest yet, we had three lodging locations at capacity. It was no surprise with such high anticipation that always builds throughout the year. So, if you think last year’s event was one for the record books… just wait till this year.
We started to receive reservations and we highly recommend for those that want to participate in this year’s event, to contact us and secure your spot. Due to limited capacity, you don’t want to be left out of this amazing fun, but competitive tournament. If you want to see part of the excitement that takes place during this time, check out the Uncharted Waters teaser video below which will air this weekend.
Tune in Saturday (April 16th, 7:30Am) for episode 1 of 2, on Discovery Channel. Peter travels to Pacific Fins for the 6th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational. Peter and his team try to stay focused on day 1, in hopes in bringing home the first-place trophy.

Come see us at the Magic City

Welcome to Miami! home to white-sand beaches, warm climate, delicious cuisines, Latin-American influences, and the most popular drink all tourist/locals must have… Cafe Cubano!
It’s back and it’s back at it’s original location, The Miami Beach Convention Center. We will have a booth (Booth MB6016) upstairs in the retail pavilion.
Come by and let’s talk fishing!

Address: 1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Wednesday, Feb. 16th | 10 AM – 6 PM (Prime Time Preview)Thursday, Feb. 17th | 10 AM – 6 PMFriday, Feb. 18th | 10 AM – 7 PMSaturday, Feb. 19th | 10 AM – 7 PMSunday, Feb. 20th | 10 AM – 5 PM

Who say’s fishing is not great in the offseason?

Sailfish, marlin, dorado and yellowfin tuna are the most common offshore species in Guatemala. But make no mistake, this is the best sailfishing spot in the world! On average you can experience 15 to 20+ bites a day. And during the peak season, from October through May, 40 or more bites a day is not uncommon.
So, what about June and July? June is the start of what we call the offseason. That is the transitional period from dry to wet season. But is it really a wet one as some say? I say it’s just like Summer here in the states. Pockets of rain and sunshine. Plus, a great advantage of fishing during June and July that is less crowded and… you can save money with our summer specials – hint, hint.
For several years now, we have been seeing some incredible fishing during these months. Is it a fluke? Let the numbers below be the judge of that.

  • June 6th: Chechos – 11 sailfish raises, 10 bites and 7 releases. 8 dorado and 1 marlin raise.
  • June 8th: Maverick – 10 rooster raises raises, 7 bites and 5 releases.1 red snapper and 5 mackerel.
  • June 9th: Chechos – 8 sailfish raises, 7 bites and 5 releases. 3 dorados.
  • June 11th: Chechos – 9 sailfish raises, 8 bites and 5 releases. 5 dorado.
  • June 11th: Maverick – 9 sailfish raises, 8 bites and 7 releases. 4 dorados.
  • June 11th: Knotwork – 3 sailfish raises, 3 bites and 2 releases. 11 dorado.
  • June 14th: Gypsy – 22 sailfish raises, 17 bites and 15 releases. 1 dorado.
  • June 19th: Knotwork – 12 sailfish raises, 9 bites and 8 releases.
  • June 24th: Knotwork – 22 sailfish raises, 22 bites and 13 releases. 3 dorados. 1 blue marlin raise.
  • June 25th: Knotwork – 30 sailfish raises, 30 bites and 15 releases.
  • June 27th: Knotwork – 22 rooster raises, 22 bites and 17 releases.1 marlin release, est. 400lbs.
  • July 4th: Maverick – 34 sailfish raises, 27 bites and 17 releases (conventional). 2 for 3 on Fly and 1 dorado.
  • July 6th: Maverick – 13 sailfish raises, 9 bites and 7 releases. 2 dorados.
  • July 6th (Half day Charter): Knotwork – 4 sailfish raises, 4 bites and 3 releases. 2 dorados.
  • July 7th: Maverick – 22 sailfish raises, 12 bites and 4 releases. 1 blue marlin release, est. 200lbs.
  • July 8th: Maverick – 9 sailfish raises, 6 bites and 1 releases. 15 yellowfin tunas (conventional) and 1 yellowfin on Fly.
  • July 8th: Chechos – 9 sailfish raises, 7 bites and 5 releases. 1 striped marlin release, est. 150lbs.
  • July 9th: Chechos – 7 sailfish raises, 7 bites and 4 releases. 1 ble marlin release, est. 350lbs. 7 yellowfin tunas.
  • July 10th: Chechos – 5 sailfish raises, 4 bites and 4 releases. 3 yellowfin tuna and 1 blue marlin raise.
  • July 11th: Gypsy – 9 sailfish raises, 8 bites and 4 releases. 7 dorados.
  • July 12th: Maverick – 10 sailfish raises, 7 bites and 6 releases. 2 for 3 on blue marlin, est. 250lbs.
  • July 12th: Gypsy – 12 sailfish raises, 9 bites and 6 releases. 1 dorado.
  • July 13th: Gypsy – 12 sailfish raises, 10 bites and 9 releases. 1 dorado and 1 roosterfish.

Guatemala Billfish Invitational: A must attend event!

The Billfish Invitational is Back! And with such high anticipation of many anglers, it’s shaping up to be the best one yet. Pacific Fins Ambassadors joining us are; Uncharted Waters – Peter Miller, Unfathomed – George Gozdz, and Into the Blue’s – Scott Walker. We will also name several celebs that will be joining us as in the coming weeks.
The 6th Annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational will take place December 9th – 13th, 2021, at our beautiful Pacific Fins Resort. Well-known anglers from across the globe will compete in this exciting three-day fishing event while raising money to support the Billfish Conservation Project.

This tournament provides a fun twist for participating teams. A daily Calcutta will be on the table for those that want to make things interesting. Teams will have the chance to win daily prizes and battle it out for the ultimate prize (Kingsailfish Mount Trophy). It’s also a unique opportunity to fish the most prolific billfish destination on the planet during prime time, while you network with fellow anglers, celebrity guests, and potentially earn bragging rights for the next 12 months!

The tournament will kick off on December 9th at the resort with the professional chefs creating a full-on feast for the check-in and opening party. Fishing dates are December 10th, 11th and 12th, with an award’s ceremony taking place the night of the 12th. Guests will depart on December 13th.

The tournament package includes three days of fishing, four nights of lodging, double occupancy, daily laundry service, a la carte meals, beverages, transportation to and form the airport and three days of fishing.
When fishing with Pacific Fins you can expect all of the tackle and gear to be top-notch and the crews to be on their game. Each day of fishing also includes snacks, fruit, lunch and beverages.

Pacific Fins Ambassador and Unfathomed host, Captain George Gozdz, filmed the 5th annual Guatemala Billfish Invitational in 2020. If you want to see part of the excitement that takes place during this time, check out the YouTube video below.